Chris Brown is Spotted Kissing Karrueche in the Club

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Chris Brown and Karrueche Tran ended in a rather controversial way last year considering Chris dumped Tran to rekindled his romance with Rihanna, and his decision apparently came after he was spotted several times getting cozy with the superstar in nightclubs all over New York. Chris even made a video in which he confessed to being in love with both women at the same time, but in the end, he would appear to have made his choice as he removed Karrueche from his personal life and decided to only conduct business with the aspiring model in order to keep things good with Rihanna. However, Chris and Rihanna’s rekindled romance didn’t last too long and after a series of cryptic tweets and Instagram postings, Chris finally confirmed the romance between them was over, again. While both seem to blame the other’s “cheating” on their demise this time around, Chris also hinted in a recent interview that he just feels he’s way too young to be settling down and even thinking about marriage. It appears he’s enjoying being single quite a lot these days and answering to no one because he was spotted in the club the other night kissing on Karrueche. Page Six reports:

Chris Brown seems to be swiftly over his breakup with Rihanna, falling back into the arms of his ever-forgiving ex Karrueche Tran. After Sunday’s Billboard Awards, Brown headed to the Bank nightclub at the Bellagio in Vegas for a party hosted by Bruno Mars. Our witness said, “Brown was standing on the banquette dancing with Tran . . . he bent down a few times to kiss her, and kept running his hand through her hair and singing to her.”


Interestingly enough, Rihanna’s dad Ronald Fenty just gave another interview, and when asked about the former couple’s most recent split, he claims he doesn’t think it’s over for good despite Rihanna’s apparent frustration with the situation. In fact, he gives them two months to rethink things and get back together. He tells The Sun:

“I’m still his [Chris Brown] No1 fan — I still like Chris regardless. They have a very passionate relationship but if they split up it does not mean it’s for ever with them. In a couple of months they’ll be back together.”


    1. Exactly! That was the saddest part of the post to me. My dad would not want me with someone who beat my a-s and cheats on me. To each its own tho.

    2. Yep! I’m just glad my dad wasn’t such a weak minded person. It’s hard enough being a woman, but imagine if even your own dad steers you in the wrong direction! Rihanna never stood a chance.

    1. I’m with U!
      As far as her dad, I’m sorry to say, but I agree with him. They are drawn to each other for some reason. Maybe they’ll finally grow up & possibly be cool. Until then they should move on & meet NEW people & STOP trying to always fall back on their ‘go-to’s’… Because that’s just as bad.

    2. Don’t tell me you find this hard to believe considering what we’ve already seen Chris do. Yall can’t be serious.

    3. Boo, Chris was dating and smashes both chicks at the same time. You really need proof to believe he’s still doing what he was doing a few months ago? #ComeOnYall

  1. A man only does what a woman allows. I love Chris but he is a douche bag and keep whoring around with weak a-s females that take his ish.

  2. Saw pictures of them clubbing the other day on Instagram. It is what it is. As long as he has fame and money, she’ll tolerate the BS.

    1. I see this statement all the time & I’m figuring how is she any better than him this go around. They both flirt alot & string their lil’go-to’s along after they argue.

  3. Chris is young, famous, attractive, and rich. He’s just not going to settle down anytime soon. That’s why Rihanna and Kae need to move on. No need to keep letting him waste their time.

    1. Both are! Seems he walks back and forth to both open doors…you have to wipe your feet before you enter and he is doing just that with both of them! If THEY allow it then Chris is doing NOTHING wrong!

  4. He was also with her for her birthday. Chrae is back in effect until Rihanna lowers her standards again. LOL.

  5. Let me throw this out here….Maybe she’s just getting that D…….Just a thought…..

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