Lil Scrappy Fails Urine Test, Must Go to Rehab

Photo Credit: @reallilscrappy Instagram
Photo Credit: @reallilscrappy Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Lil Scrappy’s on and off relationship/engagement with Erica Dixon isn’t the only source of his problems these days. The rapper is also dealing with numerous legal issues and things got even harder for him when he was arrested for refusing resubmit another urine test after an officer determined the first one was suspiciously too cold. Although Momma Dee claims Scrappy didn’t want to do another sample because he felt he was being disrespected by the officer, he still had to attend court last week in order to take another test. This morning he made another appearance to court and the results of the sample were confirmed. Turns out Scrappy failed the most recent urine test, and he was ordered by the court as of this morning to check himself into rehab by next month. TMZ reports:

Lil Scrappy believes he’s addicted to weed … and after failing a court-ordered drug test, the rapper will enter a rehab facility for treatment, TMZ has learned.

Scrappy appeared in a Georgia courtroom moments ago, where officials revealed a urine test Scrappy took last week came back positive for m*rijuana.

TMZ spoke with Scrappy’s lawyer, Mawuli Mel Davis, who tells us … the rapper has been ordered to check into a rehab facility before June 16 … and Scrappy plans to comply.


There’s no word yet on whether or not Erica Dixon attended court with Lil Scrappy, but all signs for now point to no. Scrappy was elated to escape jail time and promptly thanked his fans for all of their support on his Twitter account just moments ago.


  1. Addicted Scrappy? Really? He is a mess. He must have a great lawyer because he should have gotten jail time.

  2. He’ll violate his probation again in a few months. Watch. He won’t learn because he keeps getting these passes.

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