NBA Star Kevin Durant Donates $1 Million to Oklahoma Tornado Disaster Relief Fund

Photo Credit: chamberoffear
Photo Credit: chamberoffear

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

The recent tragedy in Oklahoma City has caused many to reflect on their lives and just reinforces why it’s so important for everyone to always be thankful for their lives, regardless of their current circumstances. As many watch on as people endure losing their homes, loved ones, and the lives they once knew before the life changing tornado hit the area; many of us are wanting to help and provide relief to those affected. NBA star Kevin Durant of the Oklahoma City Thunder has decided to help the best way he knows possible and that is to donate $1 million to the Oklahoma Disaster Relief Fund which is being managed by The Red Cross. CBS Sports reports:

In a big time of need, Kevin Durant is once again coming through in the clutch for Oklahoma City.

Per the Red Cross, Durant has given a $1 million donation to the Oklahoma tornado disaster relief fund.

The total number of dead is not yet certain, but according to, 24 people, including many children, lost their lives in the tornado that ravaged Moore, Okla. An estimated 300 homes have been destroyed and early valuations have the damage totaling well into the billions of dollars.

On Monday, Durant tweeted, “Praying for the victims of the Tornadoes in OKC these last few days..Everybody stay safe!”

The NBA and the players’ union also are coming together to add another $1 million donation for relief efforts in the Oklahoma City area. The joint pledge was announced Tuesday. The money will be going to the American Red Cross, Salvation Army and other disaster relief efforts, according to a report from the Associated Press.




  1. I love me some KD this man can get it anytime and anyplace. I’m being extremely thirsty on this post sorry lol.

  2. I like to see athletes doing things like this. It’s so sad to see so many people suffering. But God is able.

  3. Thats excellent. I am trying to start something at my job for the relief efforts. Its always a blessing to give back:)

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