Shay Johnson Admits to Still Sleeping with Lil Scrappy

Photo Credit: @ShayJohnson Twitter
Photo Credit: @ShayJohnson Twitter

By: Taren Vaughan

Shay and Lil Scrappy’s relationship status is being questioned even more now, especially since Lil’ Scrappy and Erica Dixon’s engagement is officially no more after Erica revealed to Scrappy on Monday night’s episode of LHHATL that she wanted to call off the wedding after she called Scrappy out about texting another female and having about enough of dealing with the drama with Momma Dee, a person that Erica says that she can’t see herself ever getting along with. And before viewers got a chance to witness Erica shutting down the wedding plans with Scrappy, Shay Johnson blasted their relationship and said that there wasn’t going to be a marriage. Shay hasn’t held back on her feelings about Scrappy and said that he would always be apart of her life in some way, even though she denied dating the rapper again. Though Lil Scrappy himself addressed the dating rumors surrounding him and Shay, and has been going in on hard his ex-fiancee Erica lately, whispers are suggesting that Momma Dee’s wish has been granted as Shay and Lil Scrappy have reportedly been all over the city of Atlanta together, enjoying each other’s company. And according to blog Have A Seat , club goers claimed that Shay put her status with Scrappy all the way out there, and said they weren’t together but were still getting it in:

Word has is that Shay “buck buck” Johnson as we have named her was at club Onyx in Philly and got on the mic to throw major shade at Scrappy’s ex fiance’ and baby mama Erica Dixon. Clubbers are saying that she went in!!!

The club goers also said that Shay confirmed that she is still getting freaking with Lil Scrappy and that although he is indeed single, he will always be hers.


  1. I guess Francine will get her man after all…. She should thank Momma Dee for settin this up….

  2. Obviously she is content being someones sloppy seconds and being someones sex buddy because Scrappy still ain’t claiming her from what I hear.

  3. He’s single but will always be hers?! Please! If he not with Erica then why he single? Why is he not flaunting her around as his woman like he did Erica and even Diamond? Pathetic

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