Meek Mill’s Former Friend Puts Him on Blast

Photo Credit: @meekmill Instagram
Photo Credit: @meekmill Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Meek Mill isn’t one to mince words and he has no qualms taking to his social media accounts to give his opinions on whatever he wants and put people on blast when relationships go sour. The Maybach Music Group rapper even took to his Twitter account to blast Reebok after the company dropped Rick Ross and axed his endorsement deal due to his controversial lyrics in the remix to “U.E.O.N.O.” that sounded a lot like an ode to date rape. So it’s no surprise that he decided to use his Instagram account to put one of his former friends, a producer from Philly named Conway, on blast and he accused the man of begging him for $5000. Here’s the photos he posted that caused all the drama:

meek mill instagram

meek mill instagram 2
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Conway decided to stop by Philly radio station Hot 107.9 and he attempted to set the record straight. According to Conway, he produced a lot of songs on three of Meek Mill’s mixtapes, and he never got paid. Interestingly enough, these are albums the rapper is still making money off of since they are being sold on iTunes, Amazon and other places were music is sold digitally. He also dropped a bomb (we don’t know how true it is considering the source) and even alleged that Meek had turn some “tricks” to get on in the music game. When asked if he was begging for money, he says:

“No, I was asking for work and to be blessed to be put in the position for work.

“We worked earlier in his career.

“He was calling my mom asking her for bail money. My mom about to put her house for him. I tell her nah, my uncle say nah, it’s deeper. So when I see my mom calling me for money…his mom good, my mom not good. I took his mom money for him when he was locked up.”


After explaining how he knew Meek and the work he allegedly put in on his old mixtapes, he then took a very obvious jab at the rapper and his alleged past.

“I produced half of “The Real Me 2” right when he got released from jail. I did Flamers 1, Flamers 2.

“At the end of the day, I know I ain’t kiss a*s or suck d*ck to get on. And that’s what I’m not doing.”




  1. How old are these fools? They surely aren’t acting like men. Especially Meek Mill’s catty a-s. He whines about any and everything on his Twitter account like a female.

  2. Uncalled for. All Meek had to do was ignore him and keep it moving. This is why I don’t like him. He is one of the most emotional and irrational rappers I have seen in a long time. Always fussing about something. Sit down fool.

  3. I really can’t stand Meek. And why is he so arrogant? That album of his flopped hard. He’ll be broke in a few years.

  4. If what this guy is saying is true about helping Meek Mill then I don’t see a problem with Meek helping him. If he helped Meek out like that before he got on then I think he should repay the favor. Men already don’t like asking for help from another man bc of their pride,so I believe this guy was willing to do some work in exchange for some help. I once had this happened to me, I had a friend who I helped when her husband left her with two small children and no help what so ever. She didn’t even have money for diapers or food sometimes. When I was in a predicament before she used to buy me food and I helped her with clothes for her kids. Well fast forward she started dating my cousin and her situation improved. My family and I still helped her. She would do my hair and I would pay her to do it, well this one time I wanted my hair did but didn’t get paid until the end of the week. I asked her could she do my hair a few days before then and I would pay her in a couple of days. She said she wasn’t going to do my hair until I had the money. I said well what about your sister you didn’t make her pay right then when you did her hair. She says oh thats because she did me a favor. I was thinking to myself oh really? I have never helped you out? She claimed she was my best friend. Yeah umm no.

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