Well Look at That: Chris Brown and Karrueche Live Together Again

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Chris Brown and Karrueche live together again? Things for Chris Brown and Rihanna have gone sour again, and although both singers tried to convince the public that their most recent union was a mature one and they are meant to be together, after a series of childish antics on their social media accounts, Chris eventually confirmed they went their separate ways again. Although Chris made it seem like things didn’t work out this time around due to him being too young to settle down, Rihanna took to her Twitter account to subtly suggest things went left again because Chris wasn’t being faithful. So we can only assume him being spotted partying with Karrueche Tran just days later at various nightclubs also didn’t sit well with the Diamonds singer. But now, just days after Chris and Karrueche got into a car accident on the way to the studio (and leaving from Chris’ house together), TMZ is now confirming the former couple is living together again:

Call her crazy … but Karrueche Tran and Chris Brown are full-on LIVING TOGETHER … TMZ has learned.

Sources close to the couple tell TMZ … they hooked up days before his 24th birthday earlier this month and she’s been staying at Chris’ Hollywood Hills home ever since.

Though she’s keeping her own apartment — smart — she’s already moved most of her clothes and other personal belongings to his pad.

And it’s not like they’ve been secretive … they’ve been spotted everywhere lately, hitting up the Billboard Awards afterparty and even rear-ending a Mercedes together.


Rihanna has been keeping it pretty cool since the various report concerning Chris and Karrueche, but she has been posting sexy images of herself since they have been spotted together several times in the last few days. Some suspect it’s her way of reminding Chris of what he’s missing.


rihanna in a tub


    1. yep. you can’t change a man, but you can show em how you expect to be treated, put your foot down and stick to it. they will either change on their own or they have tgfo

  1. Rihanna is really confused if she thinks showing off her body will get Chris to commit. It actually does the opposite. It hard to say you’re wife material when you stay naked on Instagram.

    1. Please say that again! Men don’t want to be exclusive with women that share themselves with the world (literally and figuratively), but those that are too desperate for attention can’t see that…

  2. Both of these ladies are too gorgeous for this. I know they’re young but I hope they let Chris go completely one day. This is insane.

    1. lol I wonder the same thing, but I saw that nude pic of him that got leaked. I think these women need to raise their standards or learn their bodies just a tad bit more…IJS

  3. Humm, I don’t believe this one….I think that they are just fugg buddies. She leaves some clothes at this house so if they are having a good time…….she’s doesn’t have to go home to change (been there)……lol

  4. Who really cares? The only thing I care about is when they make good music, all that other BS they can keep to themselves.

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