Chris Brown Facing Jail Time for Recent Car Accident?

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Is Chris Brown facing jail time for his recent fender bender that went down with ex girlfriend Karrueche Tran in the passenger seat? Just days after the R&B singer accidentally rear ended another driver on the streets of Los Angeles, sources are now suggesting a minor accident could become a major legal problem for Chris Brown. According to recent reports, Chris could be facing jail time because he allegedly refused to give the woman he rear ended his correct insurance information, which is against the law. Considering that Chris is still on probation for assaulting ex girlfriend Rihanna in 2009, he could end up behind bars for the incident. TMZ reports:

What could have been a simple fender bender earlier this week is now a full-blown hit-and-run investigation … after Chris Brown allegedly refused to give the driver he rear-ended his driver’s license #. We’re told he also gave the woman incorrect insurance info.

What’s more … we’re now told Chris copped an attitude when the woman pressed him for his ID, before refusing to ante up his DL.

Brown is on probation for the Rihanna beating, and one of the conditions is that he obey all laws. If there’s probable cause to believe he broke the law by leaving the scene without fully disclosing information required by law, his probation could be violated and Chris could go to prison for up to 4 years.


The website goes on to say police are hoping to talk to Chris immediately to figure out if he in fact violated his probation by breaking any laws.


In related news, it looks like Chris kept his word when he said via Twitter that he was going to “paint until his fingers fall off,” in the midst of all the controversy he caused by painting a graffiti type mural on the front of his home. Even though he angered his neighbors and was fined for the painting, he reportedly added more to the mural over the weekend. The New York Daily News reports:

While most of us were sleeping, Chris Brown was busy in the early hours of Saturday morning adding to the controversial mural outside his house. The Grammy-winning musician’s neighbors are unhappy with the grimacing, sharp-toothed, red-eyed goblins painted at Brown’s Hollywood Hills home. But the R&B star couldn’t care less of his neighbors’ complaints. Dressed in a red baseball cap and black hoodie, he was seen at 4:30 a.m. spray-painting extra detail onto the mural.


    1. Yep. He may just remain on probation and pay a fine. They might have him sing in the courtroom and he’ll get off scott-free.

  1. Why didn’t he just give her his insurance info? He was the one who hit her car. He keeps brining more trouble on himself for some odd reason.

  2. Should’ve just given the woman the information. He stays doing the most for absolutely no reason.

  3. He honestly needs to do jail time because he hasn’t learned a thing it seems since the Rihanna incident. But he won’t, so I’m not sure why TMZ is hyping this up.

  4. I think Chris Brown will not see any jail time. He may pay a fine but he is too rich to have jail time.

  5. Chris Brown rarely demonatrates he is a mature person and this will bite him again real big, real soon.

  6. Well if he didn’t have Karate in the car with him doing gosh knows what to him, he would not be in this situation.

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