Chris Brown Defends Himself over Car Accident Accusations, Goes to Vegas with Karrueche

Photo Credit: Twitter
Photo Credit: Twitter

By: Taren Vaughan

Chris Brown’s car accident happened just a few days ago. And though it was a minor one that left no one severely injured, it is continuing to cause major problems for the singer. The recent fender bender that Chris was involved in, with ex-girlfriend Karrueche Tran riding shot gun, is reportedly resulting in more legal issues for Breezy, this all coming on the heels of the fallout that Chris had with his neighbors over graffiti paintings on the front of his house. It was alleged that Chris Brown was not willing to give up the right insurance information to the woman that he rear ended during the accident. And because of that, Chris could potentially find himself behind bars, serving jail time as he is still on probation over his past assault of Rihanna back in 2009.

However, source close to the situation have informed TMZ that Chris actually did give the woman all of the correct insurance information and that when Chris’ lawyer tried to reach out to her shortly after the accident took place, she hung up the phone on him and has yet to return any of the additional phone calls that Chris Brown’s lawyer made to her.

The website also reveals that their sources claim Chris Brown nor any member of his camp has been contacted by the Los Angeles Police Department and that Chris feels like the photo taken at the scene proves that no visible damage was done to the car that he hit.



In related news, the Chris Brown and Karrueche reunion continues as both took a trip to Vegas for Memorial Day. Both were spotted together partying again, and onlookers tell E! News they very much acted like a couple:

An eyewitness told E! News that Tran helped rub suntan lotion on Brown’s chest and danced along while he gave his impromptu performance.

“They were definitely super touchy feely, looking into each others eyes while dancing,” the insider added. “The two were side-by-side the entire time.”

The two later stayed overnight in a hotel suite at the Palms.


  1. Oh Lawd. Chris is so messy. Vegas with Kae? Really? He really needs to be single and stop messing around with Kae and Rih. It makes him look like a douche bag.

  2. I knew he would deny this. Only time will tell. I mean it does seem like TMZ is always trying write him off for jail though. lol

  3. Is he just trying to make Rihanna jealous with this “reunion” with Kae? He’s doing the most. I think he needs to cut off both. All three need to move on.

  4. Chris needs to sit down. Stop messing around with Kae. People have feelings and he acts really ignorant to that.

  5. If Kae actually has a job, she wouldn’t have to keep entertaining Chris when he feels like dealing with her again. She’s dumb as hell.

  6. It doesn’t matter if Chris is doing what Kae/Rih allow, he still looks like the scum of the earth doing it. He’s not smart, yet wonders why his image is so tainted. LOL.

    1. Agreed. It’s not a good look for him just like it’s not a good look for the females involved. The world already hates him and thinks he hates women. And now look how he’s treating two women right now. He needs a smarter team behind him.

  7. Is Chris just too lazy to find a new chick? I’ve never seen a man spend so much time going back and forth between two exes.

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