Chris Brown Slams Management & Blames Them for Delaying New Album

Photo Credit: Twitter
Photo Credit: Twitter

By: Taren Vaughan

Chris Brown’s management slammed by singer on Twitter? Chris Brown is currently dealing with the aftermath of the recent car accident that he got in a few days ago, the singer rear ending another car. And while the damage was only minor from what photos are showing, it was been reported that Chris could be facing jail time over the incident for supposedly not being willing to give up his correct insurance information to the woman that he ran into, being that he is still on probation. Chris calls BS though and is defending himself against the reports suggesting that he refused to cooperate when it came to giving out his insurance info. As it is being said that the LAPD is looking into investigating the car accident that Chris got into, Breezy seems to be having a problem with how his management is handling things when it comes to his new album. The singer is getting ready to drop his new album titled “X”, that is set to be released on July 16th. Apparently though, Chris’ sixth studio album might be getting pushed back. And he took to his Twitter account to express just how he felt about it too as Chris slammed his management for being “incompetent” and blamed them for the change in the release date:

“My management is so incompetent at times that they don’t communicate. So teambreezy.. Blame these Wack n—as for the release being moved.”

After slamming his management and blaming them for holding up his album release, Chris quickly deleted the tweet and then sent out another one, letting his fans know, in a much nicer tone, that a new single, along with a video, is on its way shortly but he doesn’t know when as Chris says he keeps receiving wrong information:

chris brown management

Oh Chris.


  1. I’m two seconds from getting off the team breezy bus this is embarrassing it’s never Chris’s fault.

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