Ciara Says She Isn’t to Blame for Future Being No Show at Club

Photo Credit: @1freebandz Instagram
Photo Credit: @1freebandz Instagram

By: Taren Vaughan

Future no show at club in Vegas over Ciara? Future and Ciara, aside from her beef with Rihanna, has created a lot of buzz around Ciara as the release date for the singer’s self-titled album draws closer. And though things look to be going great between Ciara and her rapper beau despite his baby mama drama. But Ciara and Future aren’t much different than most celebrity couples as their name has made its way into the rumor mill, Ciara having to shut down one about her sharing her man with an “adult” dancer not to too long ago. And as the couple is obviously very supportive of each other’s careers, that was all questioned after Future got sued by a concert promoter for being a no show at a nightclub that he was scheduled to perform at in Vegas. And Ci Ci was the one who people were blaming for Future not performing as it was rumored that the two ended up skipping out on the event to grab a bite to eat after having a dispute over how they were getting to the event. Ciara stopped by Streetz 94.5 Morning Grind and was asked about the talk about her boyfriend not showing up at the club in Vegas over her. And Ciara set the record straight about how things happened and says she played no part in Future not showing up to the event:

“Oh my gosh, that wasn’t true at all…You know, it’s so funny, I don’t know how to say it in short because it was the funniest story because it was so far from what it was. And I, literally, I didn’t even fly in with him. Like, I came from New York, I think it was. He was coming from somewhere else. So that can just tell you how far off the story is. But we didn’t meet at an airport or anything. Like, we had a whole long day of promo, so that part just alone was so left…I don’t even know how somebody could make up a story like that, even if the two people weren’t together. Like, we didn’t ride in the car together, meet at the airport, we didn’t fly to the airport together…So that’s just starting right there. I put this on everything, like, I put my hand on the Bible, the story when I saw it, I was like ‘Yo, that’s why you can’t pay attention to stuff that people say because when it’s so far off, it’s like, that’s not even cool actually. That’s like disrespectful for people to make something up…And also at the end of the day, you have to be confident within yourself and know what your truth is…People just really go so far nowadays, with social media. The person has the power to make something a certain way from a keyboard. Like, that’s wack. Yeah, that wasn’t true.”

Peep the clip below:


  1. Riiiight…lol. That came right out of the club manager’s mouth though. So Future didn’t show up, it’s just probably not Ciara’s fault.

  2. I never understood why the blame was on Ciara anyways it wasn’t her show it was Future’s. Boy I tell ya it’s always the woman’s fault. SMH

  3. I’d love to hear more about her album though. All she talks about is Future. She’s so sprung. 🙂

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