Lil Scrappy Says Proposal to Erica Wasn’t to Help His Image

Photo Credit: VH1
Photo Credit: VH1

By: Taren Vaughan

Was Lil Scrappy and Erica’s engagement fake? Coming into the second season of “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta”, viewers were thinking they would be seeing Lil Scrappy and his fiancee Erica Dixon walking down the aisle as Scrappy proposed to his daughter’s mother on the reunion show for the first season. How things have changed though as the wedding that Erica and Scrappy were planning for is not going to happen, a tidbit Shay Johnson let be known in an interview that she did before Erica officially called it off. Lil Scrappy has had his share of things to say about his now ex-fiancee, along with Momma Dee, as many think she is quite content with how things have played out between Erica and her son. In an interview that he did with V-103, Lil Scrappy spoke on his past engagement to Erica and had some words for Erica’s comments about his proposal to her being nothing but one big publicity stunt for the cameras and that he only did it to help his image, Scrappy claiming that his proposal was genuine, despite what Erica thinks:

“Oh it was definitely genuine. I spent a lot of money on the ring for God’s sake. All my work, all my hard earned money. She had to spend nothing.”

Scrappy then touches on why he feels things didn’t work out between him and Erica and says that she doesn’t know what love is:

“Everybody like to point the finger, you know what I’m saying? And I just take my end and just say anything that I ever did to Erica, or she felt that was in a bad way, bad sense, you know, I’m sorry. You know, ain’t nothing but love coming from over here, you know what I’m saying, nothing but love because that’s the mother of my child, somebody that I had a lot of history with. And on the real, we go through, everybody go through this stuff you know what I’m saying? It’s just on T.V. I was just pressured you know what I’m saying? So you know, it’s somebody out there that done went through the same thing, where he know he done got down on his knees in front of the world you know what I’m saying? In front of the millions of women that he could eventually have one day or somebody that really messed wit ’em, he could see that person one day. I did that so that I could better my life, have a family, have my daughter know that her mama and daddy in the same house, to break the generational curse that I had, that she [Erica] had going on. I did that with good will and love. So if she felt that, that’s not a person that know what love is you know what I’m saying? Because doing that [proposing] is showing love. And just ’cause we go through bad stuff, a lot of people do way harmful stuff to me, and I know what love is and I know who ain’t showing me love. So if my little mess ups says that I’m not genuine wit it and I’m not showing no love, then maybe we all need to rethink what love is and visit what love is. And that starts with our parents, the way we grew up. And I don’t have a problem going back to that.”

And though Scrappy came out and said that he regretted getting Erica on the show, he retracts his words and says that he is glad that he got the chance to help Erica pursue her dreams:

“…I love Erica for being in my life for all these years, having my daughter for me. So there’s no hatred towards anybody. Erica done been there for me, I done been there for her you know what I’m saying? I thank God for blessing me to be a vessel to even help her, to put her on the show and let her do her thing. She ain’t gotta work a regular job like these other people you feel me? And I mean, regular job working people is good, but that ain’t what she wanted to be. I was able to put her in a situation where she can just flaunt her stuff , get money the way she want to get money. And now she ain’t gotta ask nobody for nothing, not even me. So that’s the blessing that God created for me, and her, and my mama…”




    1. lol right! Looking like Francine from the Arthur cartoon. She need to sit her home wrecking hoe a-s down somewhere, I can’t stand her.

  1. I honestly believe Lil’ Scrappy doesn’t know who he wants to be with. I think he loves Erica because she has has his child but I’m not sure he is in love with her. As for Shay she ain’t nothing but some tail like my granny say. Scrappy just needs to take some time to figure out what he wants.

  2. I’m sure the proposal was from an honest place but they just need to move on. Too much back and forth.

  3. Really? How many times did he say “you know what I’m saying”…. Their storyline is really getting played out, “you know what I’m saying?”

  4. It’s so hard to stay mad at Scrappy. He really is like a naughty puppy. If only he would leave the other women alone and be a lil more mature. But then Erica has some maturing to do as well…

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