Kanye West Struggles to Find ‘Consumer Friendly’ Singles for New Album

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Yeezy definitely has a big summer ahead of him. Not only does Kanye West have a baby on the way with girlfriend Kim Kardashian who is due in July, but he is also dropping a new album, “Yeezus,” reportedly next month. Although the rapper has already debuted two of his new tracks from the upcoming album in a rather grand fashion, apparently Kanye and his camp are a little concerned that the songs don’t have what it takes to be hits. In fact, rumor has it he went back to the studio hoping to create a couple of “consumer friendly” tracks because he doesn’t want the album to be hit-less. The New York Post reports:

Kanye West’s new album “Yeezus” is due out June 18, but he’s still in the studio putting the final touches on the track list. Chatter among music insiders is the rapper’s scrambling to add some consumer-friendly singles to the album. The aggressive tracks he performed on “SNL,” including “New Slaves” and “Black Skinhead” received mixed reviews. But an insider tells us that West’s reworking so close to the release date is “not in any response to any negative reaction.”


Kanye is hoping this next album will be a monumental one for music, and although those that got a listen claim most of it is just Kanye screaming passionately over tracks, those in Kanye’s camp claim it will be his most political and raw album to date. Looks like we’ll be able to be the judge for ourselves on June 18.

In related news, according to recent gossip, this could possibly be an alternative cover to “Yeezus.” Of course, it’s causing a lot of controversy:


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  1. From what we’ve heard so far, I’m not too pleased with his new music. And these Jesus references are disgusting.

  2. Something tells me this will be his first flop. And to keep comparing himself to Jesus won’t end well. It’s turning a lot of people off.

  3. I’m losing interest in Kanye. He’s too arrogant, this is blasphemous, and the music we’ve heard so far is terrible.

  4. I’m sure he did have to get back to the studio. That new music is trash. And so are both of these despicable album covers. The man has lost his mind. He’s falling fast.

  5. I am not feeling his new music this time around! And now he’s calling himself Yeezus. It’s just not appealing.

  6. Kanye is losing his touch, and he has been for a while now. All these stunts and planned controversies won’t save him.

  7. Kanye needs to have a seat. He’s doing the most and the music just released is lame. It’s like he knows it’s terrible too.

  8. Been a loyal fan for years. But I can’t really keep supporting Kanye. He hasn’t made good music since his first two albums. Everything else has just been ok. But all these God references and him hanging off the cross is just too much. It’s not like it can be excused because he makes good music anymore. Those days are over.

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