Friend of Kevin Durant Shuts Down Groupie Trying to Sleep with NBA Star

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Kevin Durant’s girlfriend is going to appreciate his friends when she learns of how they handle potential groupies. When it comes to the lives of professional athletes, plenty of them are no strangers to scandal. And that’s pretty understandable considering the number of women that throw themselves at them daily, all because they are desperate to have the lifestyle of a kept woman. While a lot of athletes do entertain groupies, every now then we hear stories of athletes refusing to take the bait. And in this case, it appears Kevin Durant of the Oklahoma City Thunder has decided to keep his friends close to do just that. Some athletes enlist their childhood friends to be “gate keepers,” and they make it hard for random women to make moves. Kevin, who is rumored to be dating WNBA player Monica Wright, is most likely thankful his friend “Black” told a young woman to get lost when she begged him to give her Durant’s number. After he shut the woman down, he decided to post screenshots of the conversation to his Instagram account. Take a peek at the photos obtained by Black Sports Online:

kevin durant girlfriend groupie drama

kevin durant girlfriend groupie drama 2

kevin durant girlfriend groupie drama 3

kevin durant girlfriend groupie drama 4


It is kind of a bit much for him to have uploaded the screenshots to social media, but it’s just another reminder what athletes deal with on a regular basis. In Kevin’s case, he actually felt the need to get his friends on deck to keep thirsty females away. And that’s pretty smart considering that he does allegedly have a serious girlfriend. We would think he doesn’t want to get caught up like other NBA players have in the past and continue to do so even now.


  1. DAMN his friend shut me down bhahahahaha. But to say he blasted her is an understatement this is embarrassing. I think I will keep my thirst for KD under wraps because his friends blasting for real. LOL

  2. Damn. Man, well I guess that’s cool of his friend to do. I didn’t know it was like that though. Women don’t play with this I see.

  3. LOL. I would have been embarrassed if this happened to me. Well, not everyone is down for the groupie stuff I guess.

  4. I just googled Monica. She’s a beautiful brown skinned black woman and she can play ball. Man, that just made me love Durant even more.

  5. I didn’t know he had a girl. I’m a little jealous (lol), but at least it’s a good chick.

  6. I really wish women wouldn’t be this desperate, but money will make people do crazy things.

  7. Good job. If he has a girlfriend, these groupies need to stay away. They only want him for the money and fame. At least his GF plays ball and has her own money. And for that reason alone I think he’s a pretty wise dude.

  8. Monica Wright isnt Kevin Durant girlfriend. They are like brother and sister. He supports lots of Wnba players. Maybe his friend Black is hating cause he probably want bang that girlie out!!!! CTFU

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