Bruno Mars’ Mother Passes Away

Photo Credit: Brothers Le
Photo Credit: Brothers Le

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Singer Bruno Mars is clearly living his dream of having an amazing music career, but he’s always been very open about why it was so important to him to become successful in the industry. Not only was it important to him to be able to make a living doing the one thing that he loves, but he also wanted to be able to show his mom the utmost appreciation for being so supportive throughout his career the many years it took for him to get to this level of success. Not too long ago, the singer revealed one of the best moments of his career was being able to do something great for his mom, like buying her a home with his very first check. In the singer’s mind, it was his way of paying her back for believing in him all of these years. Sadly for Bruno, his mother passed away on Saturday due to a brain aneurysm. US Weekly reports:

Bruno Mars is in mourning following the sudden death of his mom, Bernadette Hernandez, at age 55. Hernandez, a hula dancer and singer from the Philippines, died on Saturday, June 1, of a brain aneurysm, the Associated Press reports.

A publicist for Mars’ label, Atlantic Records, told the AP that Hernandez passed away in Honolulu, Hawaii, at Queens Medical Center. No other information was given.

Per the AP, Mars’ mother helped nurture her son’s talent and interest in music when he was a little boy. In fact, he wrote a song, “I Love You Mom,” about his parents’ support of his career.


Our condolences to Bruno Mars and his family at such a hard time.


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