NFL Star DeSean Jackson Fires Agent to Hire Jay-Z?

Photo Credit: @jaccpot10 Instagram
Photo Credit: @jaccpot10 Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-NIles

Ever since Jay-Z announced the launching of his Roc Nation Sports project, he’s been moving quickly signing the most talented of professional athletes. Jay has picked up a baseball star, WNBA star to be Skylar Diggins, and he even nabbed two NFL stars within the last two months. Although it remains to be seen what new New York Jets quarterback Geno Smith will do in the league, Jay surely picked up a gem in Victor Cruz, one of the New York Giants’ leading wide receivers. And it now looks like he might pick up yet another star wide receiver. Reports suggest Philadelphia Eagles star DeSean Jackson fired his agent, and it’s all because he’s hoping to sign on to Roc Nation Sports. reports:

DeSean Jackson parted ways with agent Drew Rosenhaus last week and could sign on with Jay Z’s Roc Nation Sports, according to NFL sources.

The Eagles wide receiver has to wait five days after he files paperwork with the NFL players union before he can start auditioning other agents.

Jay Z and his group, while new to the sports world, have already signed a number of high-profile clients. New York Jets rookie quarterback Geno Smith recently fired his representation and went with the rapper’s agency.

Jackson signed with Rosenhaus in November 2009 during his second season.


Interestingly enough, Jay-Z’s latest deal with Geno Smith is still under investigation, and by the looks at how quickly these athletes are chucking up the deuces to their former agents in order to partner with Jay-Z, we’re thinking that’s the real reason behind the “investigation.” Rumor has it among the sports Journos there’s a lot of salty agents walking around and these agents and big wigs are furious “some rapper” is scooping up all their clientele in a matter of weeks.


  1. Jay-Z is racking them up isn’t he? If he gets D-Jax, that would be good but I’ma need DeSean to play like he has some sense this season. His last one was a bust.

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