Draya Michele Gets the Ultimate Twitter Dragging over Parenting Skills

Photo Credit: @drayaface Twitter
Photo Credit: @drayaface Twitter

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Is Draya really a bad mother? While “Basketball Wives LA” struggled to pull in decent ratings last season, it’s pretty clear reality TV star Draya Michele has no plans of slowing down anytime soon. She’s already launched her fashion line “Fine A$$ Girls,” and she’s still getting paid a pretty penny to make paid club appearances. Draya even caused a big fuss on Twitter recently because she seemed to put her “profession” above teachers. Regardless, she obviously hasn’t managed to find a more peaceful approach to Twitter because once again, she found herself in the middle of yet another Twitter controversy. And this time it wasn’t because she was bragging about making more money than teachers. Instead, she got dragged for a very touchy situation that even she prefers not to talk about in interviews.

If you have been hiding under a rock, then you probably don’t know Draya was allegedly arrested for child neglect. According to various reports, police arrested her because they allegedly found her son alone and he told the police he had been there for hours without his mother. Notably, he allegedly told the cops Draya had left him a frozen TV dinner and the cops claim the apartment was a mess with dog feces everywhere.

Draya doesn’t like to talk too much about the accusations, but she claims she knows she’s a great mother despite what all the blogs have been reporting. Too bad most of the people on Twitter don’t agree.

The reality star is set to cohost 106 & Park with Bow Wow on Thursday, so BET decided to start a #AskDraya topic on Twitter so fans of the show could ask questions she would answer on air. It didn’t take long for the topic to turn into a bash session. Here’s some of the coldest tweets about Draya’s parenting skills:

is draya really a bad mother

Although Draya’s mentions became a massacre, the reality star still clapped back at her critics. She tweets (read from the bottom up):

is draya really a bad mother 2


  1. Well this is what she gets for making fun of “regular people.” These reality stars get to feeling themselves way too much.

  2. Typical. She brings up all the money she gets and her “haters.” But obviously she’s not getting enough money if she’s just now moving her son to Cali to be with her.

  3. I mean I like Draya and I wish her well BUT I never see images of her son, there more pics of her clubbin or hanging pool side!

    1. EXACTLY… thats ALL you know about her, which is probably why her mom has her son…. it always seems like she has time to party & kick it with this or that celebrity dude… but never instagramming mommy time… *side-eye*…. Chile what haters? She needs to get it together…. Nobody knew who she was until she dated Chris Brown & then she became ‘that stripper who dated Chris’… It’s good to further yourself, but just take care of home FIRST…. thats my only thing with her.

  4. Time for her to find another career and focus on being a better mother. Every time I turn around, she’s clubbing, wearing next to nothing on IG, and running around with celebs. Time to get priorities in order. She’s has a son to take care of.

  5. Damn they dragged her. But my question is why did she wait so long to move her mom and son to Cali? Shouldn’t that have been the first thing she did when she got a little bit of change?

  6. I saw this trending. All I could do is shake my head and laugh. I know the person who has to pick out a question for the show is frustrated as hell because I didn’t see any positive questions. LOL.

  7. Ratings are going to be through the roof? Umm, Draya nobody cares about you boo. They didn’t even watch the last season of BBWLA to see you, so why on earth would they watch 106?

  8. I’m definitely not Team Draya but I just think it’s crazy how people have so much courage on Twitter. All people do is troll famous people all day. They need to get a life and stop tweeting people things they wouldn’t say to their face.

  9. She will be okay I’m quite sure she hear this all the time but people saying she dnt show her son why would she? I wouldn’t want my son in the spot light so the media can talk about him including people so no she dnt have to take pictures with them smiling its non of the people business they dnt know why she didn’t move her son? Omg all up in this girl biz let her live if she not doing her job it’s not ur place to answer too she will have to take that up with him as he gets older not the world

    1. Right. I dont think i would feel comfortable showing off my kids if I was in the public eye.

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