Instagram Tea: Porsha Stewart Lands a Commercial, Jay-Z & Nas Make Music Together

Photo Credit: Instagram/Urban Belle
Photo Credit: Instagram/Urban Belle

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Porsha Stewart might be going through a nasty divorce with her estranged husband Kordell, but according to the streets of Atlanta, the “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star is focused now so more than ever to have her own career. Porsha is reportedly already landing acting gigs (The Rickey Smiley Show) and she’s also set on taking a stab at entrepreneurship. We’re guessing a little time around the other housewives and her new friendship with Phaedra Parks (who is the ultimate hustler) has a lot to do with that, but we’re putting our money on the possibility that her split from Kordell is giving her most of her motivation these days. The other day the pretty reality television star took to her Instagram account to reveal to her fans her look for a new commercial she was shooting:

porsha stewart commercial

In the caption, she writes:

Reading my lines for my 1st commercial. God is good.

There’s no word yet on what the commercial is for, but according to those in the Atlanta social circles, Porsha is working hard on her own line of hair. Interestingly enough, it’s also been said Kenya Moore is working on her own line of hair products right now. Could this lead to a new Donkey Booty/Booty Bootcamp type beef? We surely hope not.

In other news, Jay-Z and Nas may still have folks divided over who won that rap beef they had years ago, but both of these former rap foes have squashed the beef and now they may even be making music together. The other day both were spotted in the studio laughing it up and having a drink with Justin Timberlake and producer Timbaland. While it’s still not clear who the new music is being recorded for, many are thinking it’s for JT’s next album. Word in the industry is he’s thinking he shouldn’t wait too long to put out another album considering how hot the last one was in such a cold industry in which most artists are lucky to sell 100,000 the first week and he sold millions.

Anywho, someone in Roc Nation by the name of Kodaklens reportedly posted the picture to Instagram and caused a stir:

jay-z and nas music

Timbaland also tweeted:

its me, nas, jay, & jt what more could u expect


Are we the only ones excited about what this picture could lead to?


  1. Porsha better work. She looks gorgeous. And yes, I can’t wait to see what Nas, Jay, Nas, and Timbo cook up.

  2. This could actually be for Jay’s new album. He’s been recording, so it’s possible. I’m excited.

    And yellow looks good on Porsha. I’m glad she’s not letting Kordell’s queen azz get her down.

  3. I like both of these things. I like Porsha making more money one her own now and I like Nas and Jay-Z collaborating in the studio with Timbaland and JT. I can’t wait to hear the results!

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