Lil Scrappy & Shay Admit Sleeping Together Ruined Their Friendship

Photo Credit: VH1
Photo Credit: VH1

By: Taren Vaughan

Are Lil Scrappy and Shay still friends? After it was revealed that Lil Scrappy and Shay’s friendship got taken to the next level, the drama has continued to go down. At the end of season one of LHHATL, it looked like Scrappy’s interest in getting serious with Shay had come and gone as he put a ring on Erica’s finger on national television, a proposal that Scrappy says was a genuine one. Though she admitted that she was hurt over Scrappy’s proposal to Erica and the way things ended between them, Shay Johnson’s love for Scrappy hasn’t gone anywhere, as she says that the rapper will always be apart of her life. And Momma Dee’s want for Shay Johnson to be the woman on Scrappy’s arm seems to increase by the day as Momma Dee doesn’t have too many good things to say about Erica these days. Now that Lil Scrappy and Erica Dixon’s engagement is no more, Lil Scrappy and Shay have been reportedly spending a lot of time with each other and could be on the verge of getting back together.

In a sneak peek clip of the upcoming episode, Lil Scrappy and Shay get cozy with each other in bed and have a conversation about how them sleeping together damaged their friendship. When Shay asks Lil Scrappy if he missed her and their friendship, Scrappy says:

“I missed the friendship and I don’t wanna ever lose you as my homie, ever in life again, ’cause I have no one to talk to when you’re not there…”

They both admit that them sleeping together messed up their friendship because that’s when things got deep. And even though they have had their fallouts, Shay assures Lil Scrappy that she will always love him and be there for him.

Peep the sneak peek clip below:


  1. Shay is so pathetic. She continues to be nothing more than a plaything to Scrappy when Erica kicks him to the curb.

  2. Shay is stupid. And it’s clear she’s nothing but someone to smash when things aren’t good with Erica. The sad thing is there are lots of Shay Johnsons in the world. They just sit there and allow a man to treat them like sexual objects. Do better.

  3. Smdh. Shay move the hell on already. She’s just as bad as Mimi at this point. Holding on to something that isn’t even there.

  4. Shay is playing herself!!!!! When he was with Erica, he didn’t even want to talk to her. Smarten up!

  5. They keep throwing that friend word around. I don’t see a friendship here. I see a man using a woman when he’s lonely and the woman accepting the bad treatment. But friendship? Nah.

  6. SMH. I see these two adults love wasting each others time. More power to them. But my life is too short for games. LOL.

  7. Shay is sooooo ugly. She is a sideline whore and she is only on this show to win some claim to fame. Trick get your life!

  8. When you start out as friends with somebody and you decide to cross that line it could end up really good or really bad. In this case it was leaning more to ending badly. Scrappy was not being 100 with Shay when he decided to up and propose to Erica and as a result of that he hurt Shay, who he had been friends with for a while before they ended up crossing the line. I feel like Scrappy moves on too quickly and as a result he doesn’t end up completely dealing with all of his feelings that stem from other relationships before he moves on and carries those issues into the next situation. I am not condoning his behavior, but I understand. Shay was really hurt when Scrappy did her like that, especially since they were friends before all of the drama happened. When things end like that sometimes all you want is closure on the situation and sometimes in order for you to get clarification on the matter at hand you need to speak to the other person involved. Sometimes people are better off as friends then they are as lovers and when you care about a person deeply just because they hurt you with their actions doesn’t automatically mean that love goes away. Sometimes people f up and see the error of their ways and I think that is the case with Scrappy and he doesn’t want to loose Shay as a friend. I don’t think she is dumb or has low self-esteem because she is allowing Scrap back in her life, I think she truly misses her friendship with him and still loves him. If you don’t understand how a person could still feel this way after all that has happened listen to Musiq Soulchild’s song Half Crazy. I get it Shay.

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