Lil Kim Gets in a Car Accident

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Did Lil Kim get in a car accident? Female emcee Lil Kim recently announced she is working on a new studio album and is determined to make an explosive return to Hip Hop in an era of female rap that seems to be pretty much dominated by her nemesis Nicki Minaj. Although Nicki has tried to squash their long-standing feud, Kim and her fans have made it clear they aren’t trying to make peace with the Head Barbie, and Kim’s hoping people will get over the plastic surgery controversy and focus back on her skills on the mic. However, the Queen Bee took to Twitter the other day and caused frenzy with her own fans when she alerted them that she had been involved in a car accident. According to Kim, the accident was severe enough that she had to get a neck brace. AllHipHop reports:

Lil Kim has reportedly been involved in a car accident that resulted in her having to wear a neck brace.

The details have not been fully developed but the rap mistress tweeted some information to her 877, 808 followers.

Kim said, “Hi My Luvs. I’m ok minor car accident that left me w/ whip Lash now I’m stuck wearing this stupid brace 4 a week and a half but I’ll be fine.”

After a number of retweets from fans, she thanked her fans.


As of this morning, there still isn’t any word on the accident and Kim’s rep hasn’t revealed any more details on Kim’s injuries. However, the female rapper seems to be in great spirits and doesn’t plan to let the neck brace hinder her from making her comeback to music.

Get well soon Kim.


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