NFL Player Punches Woman in the Face After She Throws Beer Bottle at Him

Photo Credit: Twitter
Photo Credit: Twitter

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Adam Pacman Jones arrested again? Another day, another scandal involving a professional athlete. As always, athletes can’t just enjoy making lots of money while playing their favorite sport for a living, they also have to be cautious of the women who will be attracted to their lifestyle. While some athletes have handled groupies or very forward women with the help of close friends to fend them off, others aren’t so lucky. Adam “Pacman” Jones, cornerback of the Cincinnati Bengals, is probably wishing he had a friend to block off the women at the bar the other night. According to reports, the football player allegedly punched a woman in the face after she hurled a beer bottle at him. So what caused the drama? Well according to reports, he wasn’t interested in taking a picture with her. ESPN writes:

Cincinnati Bengals cornerback Adam “Pacman” Jones tweeted Monday that he has been arrested for an incident in which he was “protecting” himself.

According to the police report, Jones was arrested on one count of assault for punching a female patron outside of a downtown bar.

Jones’ agent, Peter Schaffer, told ESPN NFL Insider Adam Schefter that Jones was approached by two intoxicated women who wanted to have their picture taken with the football player last Wednesday. When Jones refused, one of the women threw a beer bottle at him and Jones responded by slapping her.


Check out the video below, which was obtained by TMZ:


  1. I cant see the video at work but if she did throw the bottle, she was wrong. You cant say a man shouldnt hit a woman, it should go both ways at all times …a woman shouldnt hit a man either!

  2. Just another situation where a woman gets out of line and assaults a man but gets upset when he assaults her back. The double standard is sickening.

  3. The drunk chick was wrong. Yeah, he shouldn’t have punched her either but how the hell do you throw a beer at someone for refusing to take a pic? That’s dumb. I’m putting the blame on her.

  4. Someone pours a drink on you, you must have more restraint, you can’t punch her in the face, especially if you are an NFL player. But I bet you if it was a man he would have thought twice about throwing that punch.

    1. It was a slap, and what is the woman? A beast im assuming for behaving as an animal. I am a woman, and I would never hit a man, especially a stranger who could knock me out with one hit. That’s what her a-s gets IJS. She assumed that since he was black, she could do that and win a lawsuit against him easily. BUT GOD DON”T LIKE UGLY!

  5. I understand why he would want to punch or slap this woman but he can’t do whatever he wants to do because he is in the NFL. He is risking his career over some blonde drunk bimbo. Not worth it.

  6. I don’t even know how to feel about this. The woman was wrong but he really cocked back and punched her. She fell on the ground too. He has way more to lose than she does.

  7. The woman started it but he should have walked away. Not because she’s a woman but because he’s a professional athlete and a black man. They are waiting for him to mess up again and drop him. And i’m sure he has a family to support. Some people aren’t worth the trouble they cause.

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