Moving Forward: Draya’s Son Moves Back in

Photo Credit: @sodraya Instagram
Photo Credit: @sodraya Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Reality star Draya Michele might be the shining star on the sinking ship that is “Basketball Wives LA,” however, she seems to receive the most criticism out of all of her cast members. And besides being known for partying and offending people with her opinions on Twitter, Draya also gets criticized for her parenting skills. After what many claim is an authentic police report starting making its rounds on the blogs which alleged the reality star was arrested for child endangerment a few years ago, Draya has found herself the target of some very hurtful jokes. So when BET decided to start the infamous #AskDraya trending topic recently, it didn’t take long for it to become a very unfortunate dragging session.

Draya clapped back at the critics during her recent appearance on 106 & Park and she said:

“The first thing is, I don’t expect people to understand my life because it’s my life. I’m not a bad parent in any way and then I’m lucky enough to have fans that actually followed me on the show, on ‘Basketball Wives,’ and they know the path I’m trying to choose and set for my family. They followed me since day one. So they know exactly where I’m taking my family and the direction that we’re trying to go.”

“Mind ya (sic) business.”


Well it looks like Draya has taken her family right to LA because the reality star confirmed on her Twitter and Instagram account that her son and mother have moved in. She posted the following photo to confirm the news:

draya son moves in


In the caption, she writes:

My 2 favorite people. My mommy and my baby. My life feels complete now.


  1. The sad thing is her son might grow up and read all about this stuff. He could end up resenting her for it.

  2. This is what she should have been doing instead of clowning so call teachers and partying. All you have at the end of the day is family so I hope she cherishes them.

  3. I’m happy to see this. I really do wish it all works out for all of them. Family is all you have in life. Get it right with them and you’ll have a happier life.

  4. It’s nothing wrong with being focused on getting money for your fam, but you can’t put money before them. I hope she sees that one day.

  5. Oh…well good luck to them. Draya just comes off like someone who has her priorities all messed up. Maybe she’s trying to fix that.

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