Kelis Kills Everyone’s Hopes of a Nas Reconciliation & Demands People Move On

Photo Credit: @sausageandboots Instagram
Photo Credit: @sausageandboots Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Kelis and Nas getting back together, ever? Kelis and Nas’ breakup seemed to shocked a lot of people, but both Nas and Kelis have confirmed on numerous occasions that the breakup wasn’t a shocker to them because they had so many issues in the marriage. Although both are on good terms and have managed to be friendly enough with each other to peacefully co-parent their son Knight, fans of both artists continue to express they hope they can eventually get back together again in the future. Nas even hinted in one of his recent interviews that he still has a soft spot for his ex-wife but says his cheating caused things to go sour, and he isn’t against giving the failed romance a second chance if the opportunity ever presents itself. Welp, looks like Kelis has other ideas.

Kelis has a new Instagram account and being the very outspoken person she is, she does interact with her fans regularly. The other day, one of Kelis’ fans expressed to the singer her hope of Kelis getting back together with Nas. Kelis shut down the possibility quickly:

kelis and nas getting back together kelis and nas getting back together 2 kelis and nas getting back together 3

And on another photo many perceived was shade to Nas, Kelis made it clear to fans she is over the rapper, not thinking about him, and wishes everyone else would move on too:

kelis and nas getting back together 4


These Instagram comments posted by Kelis actually confirm some tea we were told by the same individual that put us on to that Kim and Kanye tea. The source told us months ago that Nas was trying relentlessly to convince Kelis to give him a second chance, but Kelis refused because she can’t get over the fact he cheated and can’t ever trust him again enough to be with him romantically.

Some people were also saying the Instagram account is a fake, but Kelis confirms on her Twitter profile that the account is indeed hers:


kelis instagram


  1. Well can’t blame her for not wanting to take a cheater back. Once the trust of a relationship is gone is nothing left.

  2. And I don’t blame her. I love me some Nas but I don’t think any woman should stay with an unfaithful man.

  3. I won’t lie, I’m bummed they didn’t work out but I think she did the right thing. I can’t stay with a cheater. You can’t get the trust back in most cases.

  4. If she’s so over it, why is she still talking about it on Instagram out of all places? Bitter much?

      1. My point is people tend not to address or answer questions about things they claim they are “over.” Most celebs don’t even write to their fans or answer rumors…

        1. Yea but when you have a kid with someone, you rather nip it in the bud rather than let the rumors fly. I can see that if she had addressed it numerous times but this is the first time I’ve seen her say anything regarding the subject.

          1. She was ranting and waving about Nas calling hima cheater on twitter since the divorce was announced in 2009.

  5. Nas is a fine man. And he seems like a very smart man in his music. I know women throw it at him daily. I knew that marriage wouldn’t work.

  6. I hope Kelis and Nas are co-parenting the best they can. Raising a child is tough today. Nas needs to be in his son’s life.

  7. Nas has recorded songs about her, spoken out countless times about their situation and even featured her wedding gown on his album cover. I think she can address the situation if she wants to and clear up any misconceptions people may have about the status of their relationship. She’s been pretty mum on the entire situation in general. He’s done most of the talking.

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