Rapper Dres Says Kanye Impregnating Kim K. Sends a Bad Message to Women

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Rapper Dres from famed rap group Black Sheep isn’t done with Kanye just yet. As we recently reported, the old school emcee had some words for Kanye the other day on his Twitter account. He basically slammed ‘Ye for being so over the top with his antics to promote his latest album “Yeezus,” and even called the rapper “one of the most powerful gay men in the world.” Just in case you missed it, here’s what he tweeted originally:


“Kanye… like Steve Jobs… is one of the most powerful gay men in the world…. God Bless Him”

“oh… he’s not out yet…. my bad…. lmao”

“cmon y’all… i’m playin…. Steve Jobs wasn’t gay….”

“In no way were my words ment to be a slight to the gay community…. everything else is whatever yo”

“lol… i’m in some blogs… cause i did a Kanye… banoodles … say something sensational… followed by listen to my record…”


Of course Kanye’s fans let him have it in his mentions, but that didn’t stop Dres from taking more shots at Kanye. This time he went in on Kanye’s high-profile relationship with reality star Kim Kardashian. According to Dres, Kanye is a big letdown and his impregnating of Kim sends a terrible message to women. He tweets:

“Kanye West does not like black people….”

“drops mic.. makes coffee”

“besides not being crazy bout his music… i don’t agree with the message he sends our people.. at all… I hoped him to be a better artist”

“and having a child with the biggest media whore of our generation.. literally and figuratively… what a horrible message to young ladies”


  1. To women or little girls? Because a real woman should know better than to get any serious and helpful messages about life from Kanye.

    1. He said young ladies though. I think he meant young, impressionable girls. And I agree with him on that point.

  2. I feel him. I really do. But Kanye is a grown man and has the right to impregnate who he wants. Will he regret it one day? Well I think he already does now. LOL.

  3. I think a lot of people are disappointed in Kanye for the whole Kim thing but his last chick was Amber Rose. I love Amber and she’s not as bad as Kim, but he hasn’t had the traditional college educated, smart, handling her business kind of woman in a long time. Not since Alexis.

  4. Kim should have never gotten famous. He should really be mad at society for giving the tramp a platform and a multimillion dollar empire for absolutely no reason. She’s shown little girls they too can lie on their backs and become famous and rich with no talents or skills. I think he’s directing his anger towards the wrong person.

    1. Co-Sign!! Case in Point…that little Harlet from MTV’s Teen Mom Farrah, she is following the Kim Kardashian Get Famous Plan to the T! She’s now a millionaire for making a sex tape and being a straight up Ho!! #DamShame I blame Kayne for this sh-t…. LOL! not really but he isn’t making the situtation much better by sing about how proud he is that his GIRL IS A SUPERSTAR OFF HER (Planned) HOME MOVIES!!

  5. He said the truth. Kanye wants to be all deep and compare himself to Steve Jobs but he’s really a mess.Steve Job’s wife wasn’t a porn star. She is an educated woman with class. Smart men end up with smart, classy women.

  6. This man is saying the truth. Is it probably rooted in jealousy, yes, but it doesn’t make it any less true. Kanye wants to be some big culture changer who encourages realness but he’s dating one of the phoniest figures in Hollywood. He’s a walking contradiction. He will sell a lot of albums anyway because of his fan base, but he’s lost it. He really has.

  7. I see no lies…Kanye might sell millions of records again but he really shouldn’t. The music isn’t good and he’s such a hypocrite.

  8. Kanye compared himself attending a fashion show to a civil rights sit-in…If that doesn’t speak volumes on his false sense of greatness than I don’t know what does. Kanye can’t be taken serious because of how he presents his message, it’s a joke and I’m sure embarrassing for those involved with him. Dres is on point with some of those comments.

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