The Game Goes off About NJ Saggy Pants Ban, Compares it to Slavery

Photo Credit: @thegame Instagram
Photo Credit: @thegame Instagram

By: Taren Vaughan

The New Jersey saggy pants ban pisses off Rapper The Game? The skinny jeans craze made its way to into Hip Hop culture and has become a fashion style that some rappers have taken a huge liking to. But not all rappers think it’s cool to walk around rocking pants that they can barely move around in and would rather let theirs hang low instead. The city of Wildwood, New Jersey isn’t having that though as a law prohibiting anyone who gets on its boardwalk from wearing pants that sag 3 inches below their hips, exposing underwear or skin was recently passed there. And for those who have a problem following the law, they will have to come out of their pockets. First time offenders could face fines ranging anywhere from $25-$100, up to $200 for repeat offenders. Putting in 40 hours of community service is another punishment people could be faced with for letting their pants sag.

The news about the ban didn’t go over well with a number of rappers. The Game was one of them. Being the outspoken individual that he is, Game expressed his anger over the ban to TMZ and told the website not allowing people to wear their clothes like they want to is like taking things back to the days of slavery:

“N***** should sag down to their socks out there. They trying to get people to not sag, please. Can’t tell people how to wear their f***ing clothes. What time are we in? This ain’t the f***ing slave days. F*** that.”

“I am with the sagging movement. First five people to get fines, I will pay their tickets … I will go there and sag cause I am a sagging Sagittarius.”

What do you think about The Game’s comments?



  1. Slavery? Is this fool serious? He’s so ignorant. He should actually want more for black men than to walk around looking like prison inmates ready to engage in gay sex.

  2. Should people be able to wear their pants however they see fit? Yes, but it’s pretty sad so many black men want to wear their pants hanging off their a-sses. They should do some research on what the sagged pants mean in prison. In prison, men sag their pants to signal to other men they are down to smash. What’s heterosexual about a man showing off his buns to the world, including other men?

  3. I’m not shocked Game is pro sagging. He’s the typical street thug idiot who lucked up on a rap deal.

  4. I wish these black men would stop trying to fight for rights that aren’t uplifting the black race. Why do they want to keep walking around looking like thugs? MLK and them didn’t walk around with their pants hanging off their behinds! Get some class!

  5. Another ignorant rapper. I’m sure we can add his name to the list of grown fools who doesn’t even know who Emmett Till is. He strikes me as the type.

  6. I don’t even give black men who sag their pants the time of day. And that’s because they are already showing me they don’t have respect for themselves if that’s how they want to look in public. And if they don’t respect themselves, they won’t respect me. Some trends just aren’t worth imitating. An intelligent, self-respecting black man with something to offer does not wear his pants like a fool.

  7. People should be allowed to wear the clothes they buy how they see fit..I see his point Im not for it but to each his own also people think sagging originated from men in prison but it started in slavery not only did the slave master rape black women they also raped the black men and they had sagging pants back then unless they were lucky enough to get rope to hold their pants up…just another form of belittling black men and a form of making them feel ashamed and less of a man…

  8. Lol A little ignorance in there, but I can understand where he is coming from. We, as people, should not be limited to how we dress. For that, if you feel people shouldnt sag ( which mainly aims towards the black crowd) then gothic people shouldnt wear half of the crazy clothing they wear. You can’t take away someones idea of “style”… or those who can’t afford a belt lol. I am not for the sag, but I am also not for making it a law not to sag. I dare you to give me a ticket for how I wear my clothing .There are so many more issues out there.

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