Ludacris Hit in the Head with a Bottle at Nightclub? Rapper Speaks

Photo Credit: @itsludacris Instagram
Photo Credit: @itsludacris Instagram

By: Taren Vaughan

Was Ludacris hit in the head with a bottle at nightclub in Atlanta? Rapper turned actor Ludacris has been busy celebrating the success of “Fast & Furious 6” as the movie has pulled in record-breaking numbers at the box office. However, this weekend a rumor hit the Internet suggesting that things turned violent between Ludacris and another man at a night club in Atlanta. MediaTakeOut posted a story claiming that Rapper Ludacris was brutally attacked last night at Prive Nightclub in Atlanta, Georgia. According to the website, a man walked up to the rapper, who was supposedly surrounding by his security, and busted him upside the head with a Louis XIV bottle over money Luda supposedly owed the guy for beats. They also claimed that Ludacris “took the head crack very well” and he was able to gets some licks in on the dude who hit him with the bottle with some assistance from his security. MTO went as far as posting up a video clip of the alleged head cracking incident involving Ludacris and the actual fight from last night .

Well Ludacris thinks MTO’s story is ludicrous. And to address the rumor going around about him supposedly getting clocked upside the head with a bottle in the club, Luda posted a photo of himself showing off his fresh hair cut from different angles along with the caption:

“This is what a bottle to the head looks like. #sofreshandsoclean #h*lluvanight #onlybottlespoppedwasconjure #nowthatsludicrous”

ludacris hit in the head with a bottle at nightclub in atlanta






  1. Glad he is ok but I don’t understand why extremely rich people like Ludacris have to always stay in the club. Man if I was worth 50 mil you would never catch me at the club and if I was I would have 10 bodyguards around me. Smarten up Luda.

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