Mary J. Blige Sued over Canceled Concert

Photo Credit: @kenduisaacs Instagram
Photo Credit: @kenduisaacs Instagram

By: Taren Vaughan

Mary J. Blige sued over canceled concert? The money problems and legal issues continue to pile up for the Queen of Hip-Hop Soul. Mary J. Blige’s financial woes came to light after the singer’s  non-profit organization came under fire over bank loans that the singer took out for the charity. Getting slapped with lawsuits and allegedly defaulting on a bank loan appears to be just a portion of Mary’s money troubles though. It was reported awhile back that she owed $900,000 in back taxes. And now the money Mary supposedly owes has reached the millions. Mary J. Blige’s husband and manager Kendu Isaacs has gotten an angry earful over Mary’s money issues as many of her fans cite him as the one responsible for how things have turned out financially for Mary and Kendu expressed how he felt about the backlash he was getting too. Now the singer is being sued for allegedly canceling a concert that she was scheduled to do last December in Dallas, TX. And Mick Jagger is said to be the person behind the supposed show cancellation.

Here’s the report from TMZ:

A promotional company called Vision Entertainment Worldwide has sued Mary J. and her production company, claiming the singer agreed to perform in Dallas on December 9th, 2012 … but canceled just a few days beforehand.

VEW claims it paid Mary a $145,000 deposit to appear … and she never paid back the money, despite pulling the plug on the show.

VEW claims Blige blew them off because she got a better opportunity to perform at the Barclays Center with Mick Jagger and the Rolling Stones on December 8th … and she took it.

The website also claims that Vision Entertainment Worldwide is suing the singer for breach of contract and more and the promotional company is demanding no less than $145,000 in damages.


  1. Why is Mary not showing up for concerts when she is having financial problems. I don’t know whats going on in Mary’s camp w/ her finances but she needs to get it together.

  2. Ok. I’m just going to put it out there. I think Mary and Kendu are having marriage problems. And that’s why he hasn’t been on the job lately. Sooner or later, what I’m saying will be confirmed. Watch…

  3. I’m so tired of hearing about Mary being sued. She’s a living legend and her career has gone to sh-t. That’s just sad.

  4. This just sounds like a continuation of the bad choices Mary and her camp have been making for the last year. We all keep saying she needs to get it together, but I’m starting to think she won’t.

  5. This is shady!!! If Mary was paid $145.000 to perform then she should have performed or refunded the money back. This is one of many reasons why Mary has so many problems in her life. You can’t manipulate people and have any good luck in life. The choices we make each day determines our future.

  6. Mary has many fans,but she don’t have a backup from music. does she even have a’perfume or anything. Kendu is not a good mgr. or else he would never let you do that burger king commercial. its like she’s not aware whats going on with her finance. I know she’s a functional illiterate,but come on.

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