Projections Are in: Kanye Sells a Little Less, J. Cole Surprises & Kelly Rowland Flops?

Photo Credit: Instagram/Urban Belle
Photo Credit: Instagram/Urban Belle

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

J. Cole may not be a fan of sales projections, but we have a little feeling he’ll love the latest projections surrounding his latest album “Born Sinner.” A few major albums dropped this week, with the most talked about ones being Kelly Rowland’s “Talk a Good Game,” and Kanye West’s “Yeezus.” Out of all three albums, of course Kanye’s has been the most popular nabbing headlines even more so thanks to the birth of his first child with reality star Kim Kardashian. However, the album title alone has struck a nerve in lots of people, however, music critics have been giving the album rave reviews while many consumers have taken to Twitter in droves to call it Kanye’s weakest album to date. Despite the mixed reactions, Billboard predicted Kanye’s new album could sell about 500k its first week. But according to new projections, that figure was inflated, and Kanye will most likely sell 400k at the most. New reports also suggest J. Cole will exceed the 100,000k reports and actually dabble into the 300k range, and sadly things look bleak for Kelly Rowland as the site estimates the singer will only sell about 65,000 in the first week. Daily Hits Double reports:

The top of next week’s chart will look a little better than in recent weeks, with Kanye West and J. Cole scoring the #2 and #4 debuts of the year. Justin Timberlake (968k) remains untouched for the biggest first week thus far in 2013. Daft Punk (339k) will move into the third spot following next week’s chart. Here are this week’s key debuts:

Kanye West (Roc-a-Fella/Def Jam/IDJ) 375-400k
J. Cole (Roc Nation/Columbia) 290-315k
Mac Miller (Rostrum) 95-105k
Kelly Rowland (Republic) 60-65k
Hunter Hayes (Atlantic) 30-35k
Falling In Reverse (Epitaph) 20-25k
Sigur Ros (XL) 20-25k
Empire of the Sun (Capitol) 15-18k
Hanson (Three Car Garage) 14-17k


Of course these are just projections and the final numbers won’t be in until next Wednesday.


  1. I’m so happy for J. Cole! His album is so good. I have had it on replay for the last 24 hours.

    As far as Kelly goes, she has fake fans. They write on blogs how they love her, but don’t buy her album. I bought it just to support. It’s not a work of art, but it’s decent. I hope she doesn’t give up.

  2. Wow. I thought Kelly would at least do 100,000 the first week. She had so much hype this time. Damn…

  3. I knew she was going to flop. I like Kelly. She’s gorgeous and very talented. But her music isn’t good. The songs she put out this time around were not interesting. Not even Dirty Laundry. She either needs to get a new team and pick better songs or just hang it up.

  4. See all that talking about Beyonce does not help. Kelly even made a song about her and she will still flop. What more does she need to happen before she gets it? If you want to be a star, you need to have the It factor. She doesn’t have it and needs to work on getting it first!

  5. I knew Kanye wasn’t going to pull in no dam 500,000. That album is pure trash. And f-ck those kiss a-s music critics saying otherwise.

  6. I’m not surprised about Kelly. In fact, I think most of those glowing comments about her new music on all these blogs were written by her camp. The new music isn’t good and she didn’t produce any hits.

  7. Kanye’s album is the biggest piece of sh-t I’ve heard in a very long time. His stans won’t admit it because the think he’s a god and talking bad about Kanye is a sin to them (lol). The music critics/journalists won’t admit it because Kanye will blacklist them and they want to stay on his good side and get interviews. Music journalism has gone to sh-t.

  8. I am so happy for J.cole that album is fire, Kanye West should have flopped and I’m not surprised Kelly Rowland flopped her team didn’t market that album properly.

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