Chris Brown Removes Rihanna from His Upcoming Album

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Is there Chris Brown and Rihanna duet drama? Chris Brown and Rihanna have always been pretty on and off with their public romance, but things haven’t been smooth for the former couple ever since Chris assaulted the “Diamonds” singer on the night of the Grammys in 2009. Although Chris dumped his once very public girlfriend Karrueche Tran in order to officially try things again with Rihanna, the rekindled romance didn’t even last for three months. Chris eventually confirmed they had called it quits and both took to their Twitter account to cite each other’s alleged unfaithfulness for the root of their demise. But it was speculated before “Chrihanna” broke up again that they did manage to get in the studio together and recorded a track for Chris Brown’s upcoming album “X.” However, those close to Chris claim he is so over Rihanna that he refuses to sign off on the track making the album’s final cut. MTV UK News reports:

Chris Brown reportedly recorded a track with ex-girlfriend Rihanna before their split – but the song will NOT appear on his new album, X.

According to, Breezy is doing everything in his power to stop his record label from including the tune on his LP, with an insider revealing that Chris would rather it didn’t make the set.

A source ‘close’ to the Fine China hitmaker told the website: “Just saw the working track list for ‘X’ yesterday — Rihanna is not on there.

“Record execs wanted that song on there, but Chris said he would rather not and wouldn’t allow the record to be released unless they took it off.”


The source also goes on to say the record execs are still trying to convince Chris to put the song on the album because they feel it could be a commercial hit, but so far Chris isn’t budging.


  1. Good for him. He honestly needs to try to become more independent from the whole Chrihanna thing. Rihanna too. They tried to make it work, it didn’t. So it’s time for everyone to move on.

  2. Finally Chris is making smart decisions because if he has Rihanna on the album when he does promos that’s all they are going to do is ask about is Rihanna. The label just wants controversy to sell records. Breezy good call keeping her off.

  3. Rihanna must have really done something to him for Breezy to take her off the album. That’s a risky business move right there.

    1. Cosign…it had to be major for him to make this move…wow….the little boy is growing up.

  4. Good. He doesn’t need her to sell records anyway. I think they need to move on with their lives and in their music.

  5. Hollywood life is reporting this,therefore i will not believe it . they make up all their stories. they always have someone over their trying to act like their source is black. they then try to write in ebonics . if you’re going to believe Hollywood life you can believe every thing on Mediatakeout

  6. How’s about if the world says “F” Chris Brown we just forget all about his sorry A–. We all know that he used that girl to stay relevant!!!!! Good Bye Chris Brown……………………….

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