TMI? Nick Cannon Says Mariah Carey Prefers to Get Freaky to Her Music

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Nick Cannon is known for giving away a little too much personal information in his interviews. Of course the husband to Mariah Carey was also very vocal during his wife’s dramatic time as a judge on “American Idol.” But in addition to speaking on his wife’s beef with Nicki Minaj, his most recent admission that had everyone talking not too long ago was the confirmation that Mariah made him wait until marriage to “get physical.” Despite having to wait, Nick claimed it didn’t really bother him any and he feels like his wife was well worth the wait.

Nick is talking more about his marriage and in a recent interview on Howard Stern’s morning show, he revealed the singer prefers to “make love” to her own music rather than get into the mood to anyone else’s songs. He says:

“I f*ck her to her music. Sometimes that’s not always my choice. There’s only one playlist that we can choose…She puts the music on (laughs)…but, I love it so it doesn’t matter. I wouldn’t choose any type of other music. Sometimes we’ll mix some Al Green in there…some Teddy Pendergrass. But, I like when her song comes up.”


Well alright. Sometimes we really have to wonder if Mariah appreciates Nick talking so much about the intimate details of their marriage. Especially since he just revealed recently that Mariah refuses to watch “Hollywood Husbands” because she doesn’t like the jokes being made about her and Nick. Regardless, we have a feeling Nick will continue to be an uncensored as he wants to be in his interviews.


  1. I’m surprised he still hasn’t learned between what things should be kept to himself and what things he can say in interviews.

  2. Nick has no class whatsoever. Somethings you just don’t tell other people. He needs to grow up.

  3. Nick is doing this to give the impression he is the dominant person in their relationship. Nick wears his ego on his sleeve.

    1. Well we know Nick Cannon doesn’t wear the pants in that relationship. Mimi must be the dominate creature in the home.

  4. Now we all know Nick is sleeping on the couch for the next few weeks for this interview. Knowing Mariah, Nick is probably not allowed in the house until Sunday.

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