Chris Brown Named Worst Role Model by Parents in Survey

Photo Credit: Twitter
Photo Credit: Twitter

By: Taren Vaughan

Is Chris Brown a bad role model? Chris Brown is by far one of the most controversial entertainers around. When he isn’t firing shots at his ex-girlfriend Rihanna, you can mostly likely catch Chris ranting on Twitter getting a few things off his chest about his management or going in on his neighbors who expressed their dislike of the graffiti painting plastered on the front of Chris’ house. And though Chris tends to be the center of controversy and drama, the singer admitted he’s learned to deal with being one of the most hated entertainers. And even with the good deeds Breezy does, there are a lot of parents out there who don’t want their children looking up to the singer. Over 2,000 parents were asked which male and female celebrities they felt had the most negative influence on their kids. And Chris Brown landed at the top of the male list. 71 percent of the respondents deemed Chris as a bad role model. The controversial Kanye West came in a close second behind Chris. As far as the female celebrities are concerned, Miley Cyrus snagged the top spot at 68 percent of parenting feeling the former child star is a little too X-rated for their children at this point.

Peep who else made the list for the male celebrities:

Kanye West (67 percent)
Justin Bieber (65 percent)
Lil Wayne (58 percent)
Charlie Sheen (56 percent)

And the other female celebrities who joined Miley Cyrus on the list:

Lindsay Lohan (65 percent)
Kim Kardashian (63 percent)
Amanda Bynes (61 percent)
Farrah Abraham (59 percent)

Do you agree with the lists?




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