Erica Dixon Calls Shay Johnson Desperate, Shay Responds

Photo Credit: VH1
Photo Credit: VH1

By: Taren Vaughan

The Erica Dixon and Shay Johnson beef is far from over. And if it hadn’t been for DJ Traci Steele standing in the way, we may have witnessed a real fight go down between Erica and Shay on last night’s episode of “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta.” Erica Dixon and Lil Scrappy seemed as though they were finally working things out in their relationship. But it was obvious that Scrappy had some unfinished business going on with his friend turned lover Shay Johnson, which made Momma Dee a very happy woman as she will stop at nothing to keep Scrappy and Erica as far away from each other as possible. Momma Dee made it a point to shut down the rumor of Erica and Scrappy getting reengaged. And though Momma Dee wants Shay to be the “Princess of the Palace,” Shay has continued to deny dating Lil Scrappy again, but did admit to still sleeping with him. However, that still won’t keep her and Erica from firing shots at each other. Erica Dixon said before that she can’t see herself ever getting along with Momma Dee and clearly the same thing applies to Shay too. Erica and Shay haven’t put their paws on each other as of yet, but their beef on the social media scene is still going strong.

Feeling the urge to go after Shay, Erica uploaded the photo below to her Instagram account as a diss towards Shay and Erica calls Shay out for making herself look desperate when it comes Scrappy:

erica dixon and shay johnson beef


Shay couldn’t resist a chance to go in on Erica again as she wasted no time at all in responding to the diss:


erica dixon and shay johnson beef



  1. It’s funny how Erica complains about Scrappy only wanting her when he’s in trouble. Yet there she was last night on my TV screen rubbing on him while he found out about the warrant for his arrest.

  2. This is shade? Where is Momma Dee? The poodle needs to come in here and teach these two how to throw shade.

  3. Every time I think Shay can’t make herself look worse she proves me wrong. Even though Traci messy azz started it Shay went all the way in because she is jealous of Erica’s position w/Scrappy she can’t even hide it. Erica is Scrappy’s first choice regardless of what you think of Erica. When ish got real w/his lawyer and he called Erica. But I bet when he just wanna smash he calling Shay she a sideline and needs to know in her place and understand it.

  4. I could have choked Shay with all that screaming, putting on for them cameras. I think Erica would have ate her up, Erica was too calm!

  5. Clearly, Erica doesn’t want Scrappy; hence the reason she gave the ring back and got him up out of her house. If we’re to believe this is how it went down, Shay’s IG really doesn’t make sense. I don’t get the feeling that Erica has ever pined over Scrappy. He was the one complaining that she doesn’t show him affection or act like she wants him, not vice versa.

    Secondly, Scrappy is nothing to fight over. He seems like a nice guy, but one who is also ultra-immature and still attached to his mama’s teat. I watched the reunion when he asked his mom if it was okay with her after he proposed to Erica and I knew then it wasn’t going to work out. In truth, I thought then that the only reason Erica accepted was because it was a good tv moment and a chance to stick it to Shay and his crazy mother. I don’t think she ever intended to marry him.

    At this point it seems like Shay really wants Scrappy, but he really just wants to screw her and Erica is arguing from a sense of annoyance at Shay always having an attitude when she’s around or twisting her face up whenever her name is mentioned. I don’t get the feeling that Erica dislikes Shay because she (Erica) wants Scrappy back, but more or less its about principle at this point. And Shay comes at Erica strictly over jealousy. What else could it be? Erica has left Scrappy, but Shay still can’t lock him down and that pisses Shay off. Misplaced anger all day long.

    Sad thing is that Shay has now been publicly rejected by Flava Flav and Scrappy. Think about that. Neither Flav NOR Scrappy want you? Time to take a step back and reevaluate your standards, because when you aim THAT low and still come out a loser something’s terribly wrong.

  6. Ummmm Shay Johnson is a joke just the fact that old crusty lookin Flava flav didn’t want her she needs to do some damage control and stop trying to get that 15 min, the worst part is that it’s that worst 15 min any
    one could possibly get. Shay woman to woman get your own man and have some pride!!!!

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