Erica Dixon Shuts Down Shay Johnson, Reveals if She Could Rekindle Romance with Lil Scrappy

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Will Erica and Scrappy get back together? Erica Dixon and Lil Scrappy may be over for now, but the drama between Shay Johnson and Scrappy’s former fiancée is far from over. On the most recent episode of the show, Shay and Erica finally confronted one another over their romances with the Atlanta rapper, and both ladies almost came to blows. In the end, it appears both seem to think the other is wasting their time, and in the meantime both continue to take shots at one another on their Twitter and Instagram accounts. However, Erica still seems to feel Shay is nothing more than a pet to Momma Dee and a “jump off” who is too delusional to see that she will never have anything serious with Scrappy. She tells MStars:

“She is just what they make her out to be, their family pet. She has to wake up and see. Like if this is really your friend, this is not how a friend will treat you and she just has to grow up. I don’t blame her for anything. She only did what Scrappy allowed her to.

“For one, he has never said this is my woman, we are together, we are a couple. He’s always said you are my friend. And I think what caused her to get angry again when she was like ‘what about me and you’ and that’s typical Shay, ‘What about me and you?’ She’s consistently asking about me so they are her own insecurities. So you know good and well I have Scrappy’s heart, he’s not going anywhere. Like I said, he says she’s a friend and that’s just the category he keeps her in.”


Erica also reveals if there is a possibility of her and Lil Scrappy getting back together:

“I’m definitely there for him as a friend. Me and Scrappy have been dealing with each other- come August it will be 11 years- So I love him. You know, you can’t just turn it off. He is still the father of my child and very involved in her life. I support him 100 percent. As far as our relationship, I just want us to be able to remain cool and you know, just grow as individuals.

“At this time, No, I don’t see myself getting back with Scrappy.”


  1. Honestly, Erica isn’t that much better than Shay. If she was she would have moved on from Scrappy a long time ago.

    1. I agree. I think both of them a re foolish for hanging around too long. But in the end, Shay definitely has the worst situation. I mean he never acknowledged her in a serious way. That’s very telling.

  2. Oh Erica please. You will be right back to holding Lil Scrappy’s hand like he hasn’t been smashing Shay this whole time. I’m tired of her pretending like she’s so much better than Shay but she won’t leave Scrappy’s momma’s boy a-s.

  3. I wish Erica would leave Scrappy Doo alone. I have a pretty convincing hunch she will be back with him just in time for the reunion.

  4. I used to root for Erica and Lil Scrappy but now I just think they need to move on. It’s just never going to work. And it’s way more to it than Momma Dee.

  5. Yall already know how all of this will end. Erica and Scrappy will be back together, and Shay will run off the stage at the reunion in tears again. LOL.

  6. Baby moms dont move on until they are old and no longer desirable to the opposite sex. ERICA stay as long as u wish!

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