Ciara Speaks on Next Album Possibly Flopping

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Ciara is all set to drop her next studio album “Ciara” next month, and a lot of pressure appears to be placed on the singer to somehow manage to make the album her official comeback to the music game considering her last two albums didn’t perform so well commercially. And things don’t look so bleak for Ciara this time around because her most recent single “Body Party” is a smash hit, especially on the R&B charts. In fact, the single made it on the top 30 Billboard Hot 100 chart, and Ciara hasn’t had that kind of reaction to any of her singles in years. So while things seem to be looking up and her pre-sale numbers for the album look stellar on iTunes, Ciara still understands final numbers could still go in a direction she doesn’t want them to. In a recent interview with the Huffington Post, the singer claims she has decided to no longer worry about whether or not her album will flop when asked about it potentially not doing well:

“More than anything, I wanted people to feel something — and that’s how I feel when I listen to this album. I actually listen to this album, as a fan, and I haven’t actually listened to my music in years. After completing an album, I don’t like listening to it until I have to prepare for performances, but this album I can put on from time-to-time and mode out to it.

“I feel really good. I can rest my eyes knowing I put my all into [this album]. I had the most fun I’ve ever had making an album. I’m having fun.I’m living my life right now for me. That feels really good.”


  1. I am really pulling for Ciara. I feel sorry for her because she does have some talent but if this album flops it might be time to move on to a new hustle cause the music ain’t for her.

  2. I hope those other songs on her album hit like Body Party or else I am slam dunking it into my recycle bin when I download the leak.

  3. She cares. Music is her passion but she keeps going about it the wrong way. Body Party was great but she didn’t put out a strong follow up single. That’s going to hurt her I think,

  4. Ciara needs to start recording more pop like songs. If she doesn’t, she just needs to walk away.

  5. Not a fan but i think she will do better than that last album as far as sales. she’ll be around for another album, just hope she don’t have to struggle so hard. Like her videos though.

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