Kanye’s Alleged Mistress Made ‘Adult’ Tape with Rapper & Got Paid Off?

Photo Credit: Twitter
Photo Credit: Twitter

By: Taren Vaughan

The Kanye West Leyla Ghobadi mistress scandal continues. Kanye West and his girlfriend Kim Kardashian just welcomed a baby girl into the world a few weeks ago. And while the two are enjoying parenthood right now, the rumors surrounding their relationship aren’t losing any steam. As we previously reported, Kanye West was accused of sleeping with up and coming Canadian model Leyla Ghobadi while Kim Kardashian was still pregnant with their baby North West. Kanye and Kim’s camp wasted no time dispelling the talk of Kanye cheating on Kim and claimed Leyla was pulling this stunt to gain attention from the media. Despite Kimye’s camp shooting down her claims, the aspiring model made it clear she wasn’t going anywhere and reportedly hired a lawyer.

It wasn’t long before Leyla backtracked on her story and said she and Kanye slept together before he started dating Kim. We already told you before there were whispers going around about Leyla Ghobadi being paid off to backtrack her story and told get lost. Leyla may have backtracked on her story but it looks like Kanye’s alleged mistress isn’t going away anytime soon. It is now being said the young woman made an ‘adult’ tape with Kanye and she is getting paid to hand it over.

The Dirty has the details on the alleged tape Leyla and Kanye made together:

What people don’t know is that Leyla Ghobadi has had s*x with Kanye more than once.  On their 2nd or 3rd time that they had sex, Leyla actually left her iPhone on and recorded both of them having s*x all the while Kim Kardashian was at home pregnant.  Leyla and Kanye’s lawyers are in the middle of talks for Kanye to acquire the video for a measly $250,000.

The site goes on to say the alleged tape could easily be worth $2 Million or more with all the attention Leyla is getting at the moment.


  1. Well we already established she got paid off and told to sit down somewhere. It’s sad Kim has all these women thinking they need to make tapes to make money.

  2. I wish all these tramps looking for pay outs would all be kidnapped and shipped off to some remote island somewhere and separated from the rest of civilization. They disgust me. So what?! You screwed Kanye! That’s nothing to brag about or get paid for. She ought to be ashamed she could sleep with someone as disgusting as him.

  3. What does she want, a cookie? We already figured Kim and Kanye aren’t as happy as they want the public to believe. But we’re sick of them too. So move on heaux.

  4. LOL this girl is refusing to go away. I guess she wants a reality show out the deal too. Sorry Kim, these young girls have studied you and want to beat you at your own game!

  5. Girl sit your thirsty a-s down somewhere and take your money and disappear like all the other hoes have already.

  6. I just don’t see what these women see in Kanye besides the money. He’s not attractive and he’s an a-shole. I wouldn’t let him put anything inside of me. Gross.

  7. Ugh…she’s trying to get on and become another Kim K. It’s sad Kim has inspired a whole generation of sluts.

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