Serena Williams at Odds with Her Father over Married Boyfriend?

Photo Credit: James Boyes
Photo Credit: James Boyes

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

The Serena Williams boyfriend drama continues. Serena Williams is without a doubt one of the biggest stars in Tennis, but when it comes to bad press, she’s been having quite a bit of it lately. In fact, Serena made headlines recently after she made controversial comments on a high profile rap case, and then just days after catching backlash over the comments, fellow Tennis star Maria Sharapova slammed her in an interview and put her on blast for dating a married man who actually happens to be her coach. Although Serena apologized for making the controversial comments and offered an olive branch to Maria Sharapova, the bad press just keeps on coming regarding her alleged new romance with her coach. And according to a new report, it’s even caused a strain on the relationship she has with her father. Gossip Extra reports:

The buzz is that Richard, whose most recent cell phone is disconnected and couldn’t be reached for comment, doesn’t approve of Serena’s new coach, Patrick Dempsey lookalike Patrick Mouratoglou. Mouratoglou, btw, is also alleged to be Serena’s lover — despite the fact he’s still married to his wife.

But a close friend of Richard’s tells Gossip Extra that the reason for his absence is closer to home.

“He loves (tennis champ and Serena’s sister) Venus more than Serena,” said the source, who asked not to be named publicly. “Venus can do no wrong in Richard’s eyes. When Venus declared forfeit (because of an injury) for Wimbledon and didn’t go, there was no way Richard would go.”


  1. SMH. This relationship won’t end well. She’s sacrificing her image for what? A married man? That’s not smart.

    1. Serena’s the most selfish athlete on the planet taking steroids to beat younger players instead of letting them have their time.

  2. I mean was was he separated at least before he started freaking off his client? This is just weird and so trifling.

  3. Serena better hope and pray her coach’s wife doesn’t get that itch to drag her in the media. If she does, that’s a wrap. LOL.

  4. I don’t blame him! I’m disappointed in Serena too. Damn, she’s making some very stupid decisions lately.

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