Kirk’s Rumored Mistress Addresses Cheating Rumors, Puts Lil Scrappy on Blast

Photo Credit: VH1
Photo Credit: VH1

By: Taren Vaughan

Kirk Frost cheated on Rasheeda according to his rumored mistress Mary Jane. Kirk Frost’s alleged mistress Mary Jane is now speaking out on the hot tub scene that was shown on last week’s episode of “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta.” The way Kirk has been behaving on this season of LHHATL has really gotten under people’s skin. And his attitude towards Rasheeda has earned Kirk a good dragging from Nicki Minaj and others who aren’t feeling his antics. Though Kirk has his moments where he appears to be excited about the baby him and his wife have on the way, he got caught messing around on Rasheeda and blames his infidelity on him being intoxicated. Mary Jane stopped by The Big Tigger Show and spoke on the incident in the hot tub with Kirk and she says it happened a little over a month ago:

“It was a month, a little over a month ago.”

When asked if she knew Kirk was married, Mary Jane admits she did know but says Kirk told her him and Rasheeda were taking a break from each other:

“Of course I’m aware that Kirk is married.

“He did tell me that they were on a break. She gave him a pass. So I assumed they were separated. When a married man tells you ‘I’m on a break, my wife gave me a pass.’ That’s a pass to me. So it is what it is.”

Mary Jane was also questioned about whether or not Rasheeda being pregnant crossed her mind. And she says:

“Did the pregnancy part cross my mind? No, I wasn’t thinking of that. I was thinking about us being at the cabin having a good time. Him putting himself in a single position and I’m a single woman.

“He was in a single man’s position, so I treated him like a single man. Was I concerned and think about his wife at the time, no I wasn’t. That’s not my concern. I’m not married, he’s married. So before he even walked in the building, he should have known what’s up. He took the vows, I didn’t.”

“Basketball Wives LA” star Bambi Johnson, who made an appearance on Monday night’s episode of LHHATL, phoned in to the show and she offered an apology to the City of Atlanta and Rasheeda for bringing Mary Jane around Kirk.

Bambi says:

“I want to apologize to the whole City of Atlanta for bringing this wh*re on the show, I want to apologize to Rasheeda because I would have never brought this type of trash around your husband…”

Mary Jane interrupts Bambi before she can get a chance to finish her statement and calls Bambi out for supposedly messing around with Lil Scrappy:

“Who you kissing now? Let’s call Erica (Dixon) and tell her about you being around her man (Lil Scrappy). Let’s talk to Erica. Should we get Erica on the line? Since you’re on air talking about Atlanta, you bringing in a wh*re.”

Can we say messy?

Check out the video clip of the interview below:


  1. This woman is trashy. There’s not enough money in the world to make me want to look whorish on TV. smh

  2. Well I can’t say I’m the least bit surprised, a heaux will be a heaux whether there’s a family, children, or money involved, hell, some women are heuax for free! As disgraceful and disrespectful as she is, she does make vaild points, doesn’t make her her actions ok but but this d*ck in the botty azz nucca here, DID put himself in a single man’s situation, as soon as he noticed Bobby V washed up azz he should’ve took his bike and left but he didn’t, he wanted the puss, and got just that with no remorse. Rasheeda was so quick to throw her marriage in K’s face, well, just that argument just got shut down. I wish her and her family the best, Kirk, that’s a real b*tch move *in my Riley voice*

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