Rihanna Beefs with Chris Brown’s Friends on Instagram, Again

Photo Credit: @badgalriri Instagram
Photo Credit: @badgalriri Instagram

By: Taren Vaughan

The Rihanna Kid Red Beef continues on Instagram. Rihanna and Chris Brown aren’t opposed to shading each other on social media networks. And those closest to the singers don’t have a problem coming for people who show even the slightest amount of disrespect towards Chris or Rihanna. Rihanna’s BFF Melissa Forde was involved in a cyber war with Ciara’s fans after Rihanna and her buddies angered the C-Squad with the shade they threw at CiCi on Instagram. As for Chris’ friends, they decided to get in on the shade fest Chris and Rihanna were having after Rihanna threw the success of her “Diamonds” world tour in Chris’ face by posting photos of her sold out shows for all to see. Kid Red in particular took it upon himself to upload a picture of Chris cuddled up with off and on girlfriend Karrueche Tran in an attempt to get under Rihanna’s skin. Things aren’t all bad between Chris Brown and Rihanna though as Chris recently confirmed his duet with Rihanna will indeed appear on his upcoming album “X” despite previous reports suggesting he stripped the song featuring Rih from the album. However, Rihanna’s beef with Chris’ crew isn’t over.

One of Rihanna’s fans tweeted her and asked the pop star if she would ever do a song with Kid Red. Rihanna responded by posting the picture below, making it clear she will never in life get on a track with Kid Red:

rihanna kid red beef instagram


O.H.B. just so happens to be the name of Chris’ crew. And when Chris’ homeboy Kid Red caught a glimpse of Rihanna’s diss, he clapped back with a jab of his own and posted a photo to his account with a Jay-Z lyric to go along with it:


rihanna kid red beef instagram

Rihanna and Kid Red have been throwing jabs at each other since Chris and Rihanna’s last break up went down and they don’t appear to be putting an end to their beef anytime soon.


  1. Rihanna is a worldwide pop star. Why is she responding to this person? I don’t understand. If I was successful, on top of my game, famous, and rich…I wouldn’t waste MY time shading a scrub.

  2. Sigh…when you get around 24/25, you need to have some sense on Twitter/IG/FB. Both of them are too old for this,

  3. I know some would look at this and say Rihanna does’t care, but this really proves she cares a whole lot. I wouldn’t entertain the friends of an ex I’m supposed to be so over. I mean, how long is she going to take to get over Chris? Enough already. Let it go and start ignoring his leach friends.

    1. Exactly. Silence is more powerful than any words or Instagram “shade.” Silence makes people feel smaller than any “witty” clap back ever could. When you ignore someone, the message of them not being worthy of your time is loud and clear.

  4. Kid Red is nothing more but one of Chris’ a-s kissers. Chris will never have the kind of career Rihanna has because he hangs around all these losers.

  5. I just don’t get Rihanna why does she have to clap back at every little thing especially a Chris Brown flunkie he is doing exactly what flunkies do. She is so insecure. If I had zero talent, treat my fans like ish, make millions and still be a big star I wouldn’t have no worries.

  6. Rihanna needs to ignore his friends. And, that boy needs to wash that red stuff out, he looks a mess.

  7. Anonymous said…
    Whoever that Red Head Ronald McDonald looking bozo who threw shade at Rihanna on twitter needs to STFU and get an income of his own before he opens his piehole throwing shade at anyone. Rihanna may be rich and having prior boyfriends doesn’t justify calling anyone a Heaux. If anyone is a Heaux its that spray painted Red Headed Bozo who has been licking Chris Browns azz for his rent. Amazing this Bozo has the gall to hint about those thirsty heauxs him and Chris Brown hang out with being “True” to Chris Brown. Rihanna is a Beautiful girl, she’s rich and worked hard for what she has, she’s not one of those Thirsty tag a longs Heaux of theirs. This girl took a lot of bashing from the media and all to be with Chris Brown, now this Red Headed Bozo Ronald McDonald looking clown has the nerve to suggest she accept being disrespected by none other than Chris himself just so she can be anointed with being “True to Chris Brown. Bozo the clown needs to get a reality check. Whatever Rihanna may be, no one can say after everything that this girl didn’t love Chris Brown, her actions said it all. Loving someone and allowing them to disrespect you at every turn, while the cat is away, the mouse continues to play with his ex. Karrueche. Chris Brown had a choice and he made his choice, what he doesn’t have the right to do is expect Rihanna after all the sh”t she endured to stay around and swallow more sh”t, especially when he’s the one dishing it out. If the dude really loved Rihanna irregardless of what his songs hint of, his best bet is that he needs to show her in every possible way, and those Thirsty Side Pocket Heauxs of his who Chris like Ronald McDonald need to STFU rather than throwing shade and hope that Chris Brown doesn’t start to sew up some of those holes they’re burning in his ‘Side Pocket” If Chris Brown ever goes broke one day, Rihanna can at least be his back up, but these thirsty side pocket Heauxs like the Ronald McDonald red headed looking MF won’t be able to offer sh”t since him and some of the rest of that kiss azz possie don’t have a pot to piss in

  8. What I dont get is why rihanna STAY clapping back at ciara and everyone else BUT Im still waiting on her to clap back at drake…STILL waiting

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