Amber Rose Checks Followers Who Claim Her Son Will Be Gay

Photo Credit: @muvarosebud Instagram
Photo Credit: @muvarosebud Instagram

By: Taren Vaughan

Amber Rose tweets about her son’s looks and causes followers to go off on Twitter? Amber Rose has never been one to hide her feelings or be afraid to snap back at people who have something reckless to say, especially when it comes to her baby boy Sebastian. After months of “false alarms,” Amber and her soon-to-be husband Wiz Khalifa finally welcomed a healthy baby boy into the world and are getting closer to the altar as we speak. As for the new addition to their family, both Amber Rose and Wiz Khalifa have been constantly gushing about “The Bash” and giving fans glimpses of them spending quality time with their baby. However, many of Amber’s followers didn’t find the photo of Baby Bash rocking a pair of “Mary Jane” socks she posted on IG cute at all. Amber and Wiz addressed the criticism as they felt people were really overacting over their baby’s socks. And now Amber has people talking again about Baby Bash with one of her recent tweets about her son’s feminine looks:

Amber Rose tweeted about her son’s looks and said he’s so pretty he could probably pass as a little girl:


amber rose tweets about baby boy


And somehow people came to the conclusion Sebastian was going to grow up to be gay based off of what Amber tweeted (Read from bottom to top):


amber rose tweets about baby boy 2

amber rose tweets about baby boy


Finding their logic to be completely foolish, Amber Rose promptly checked the followers. And she told all the “idiots” and “birds” to stop following her and tweeting nonsense:


amber rose tweets about baby boy



  1. Like Royce’s son, how could they come to the conclusion he would be gay from something so silly? Lawd…

    1. I know right. All this because she said he was a pretty baby and looked like a girl. It wasn’t that serious.

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