16 Year Old Girl Speaks on Producing Song on Jay-Z’s New Album

Photo Credit: Toronto Star/Instagram/Urban Belle
Photo Credit: Toronto Star/Instagram/Urban Belle

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

The Wondagurl producer is clearly making some major moves. Jay-Z’s new album “Magna Carta Holy Grail” looks to already be a smash hit although it just came out last week and doesn’t yet have an official single playing on the radio. And even if Kanye’s camp isn’t impressed by Jigga’s new music, many have already taken to social media to praise it and label it as one of the rapper’s best works to date. With collaborations with music’s brightest including Beyonce, Justin Timberlake, and Frank Ocean to name a few; it’s no shock the album is getting such rave reviews. However, what most people don’t know is Jay’s hot new album actually featured the work of a 16-year-old producer, and she’s elated the rapper even gave her a chance to help out on this new record. Ebony Oshunrinde, better known as WondaGurl, is on top of the world right now. The Star reports:

At home, in Brampton, she’s Ebony Oshunrinde, a 16-year-old who does her homework before heading to a computer to make beats.

One of those beats has scored her a production credit on “Crown,” a track on the long-awaited new Jay-Z album that was released digitally to a million customers via a free Samsung app beginning Thursday at 12:01 a.m.

“It’s a really good feeling. I want to show young people that they can do it,” said Oshunrinde, who just finished Grade 11 at Chinguacousy Secondary School.

“Anybody can be successful. It doesn’t matter where you’re from.”

The producing prodigy started making her own beats after watching a video showing Jay-Z and mega producer Timbaland working in the studio together.

“It inspired me and I wanted to do the exact same thing that he did,” she said.


Like all driven people, WondaGurl had no idea how to produce any music, but she was so passionate to do it that she actually taught herself how to use music software at the tender age of 9. Now at 16, she’s on cloud nine for producing a beat for Jay-Z’s latest album and winning beat competitions in Toronto.

She produced “The Crown” on Jay’s latest album. Congrats to WondaGurl for deciding to chase after her dreams at 9 years old and making it happen by 16.


  1. This is a great inspirational story I like to hear. I’m glad she followed her dreams because it is paying off. Congrats Wondagurl!!!

  2. Between this and the story I just read about the 9 year old who just started his own ice cream business, I’m feeling like I need to step my game up. LOL.

  3. I love it. There’s no greater power than the moment you really do understand you can do anything. Congrats to her.

  4. See, age ain’t nothing but a number. You’re never to young to follow your heart. I wish I had known that when I was her age tho. I think I would have been in a better place. I hate corporate america. smh.

  5. Another reason I like Jay-Z. He gave a 16 year old a chance. Now that’s awesome. And the song is fire by the way. She’s very talented.

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