First Week Sales Projections for Ciara’s New Album Revealed

Photo Credit: @ciara Instagram
Photo Credit: @ciara Instagram

By: Taren Vaughan

Ciara new album sales have been projected for the first week. Ciara hasn’t let the bumps in the road she has experienced discourage her as she continues to be very optimistic about the future of her music career. The singer announced several months ago that she had a new album on the way and was looking to do things differently this time. CiCi saw her single “Body Party” become an instant hit and climb the charts, not to mention her music video for “I’m Out” featuring Nicki Minaj still has the C-Squad and Barbies going crazy. Ciara has been heavily promoting her new album and even gave fans the chance to stream her new record on iTunes. Although Ciara made it clear she isn’t concerned about album sales and won’t be highly upset if her album flops, we’re sure Ciara would be very pleased if her new album pulled in big numbers. Ciara isn’t projected to break the 100,000 mark in the first week, but “Ciara” is predicted to get off to a good start in comparison to her last solo album “Basic Instinct,” Billboard reports:

In non-Jay-Z news, next week’s No. 2 album should be Ciara’s new self-titled album. It will likely bow in the runner-up slot with around 50,000 to 60,000 sold. That’s a significantly larger start than her last album. 2010’s “Basic Instinct” arrived at a lowly No. 44 in the thick of the Christmas shopping season, selling 37,000 in its first week. It fell off the chart after only eight weeks, and has sold 116,000 to date.


    1. These are projections…don’t laugh so soon, especially since your fave can’t even show up to her own concerts on time. That’s actually more laughable.

      1. @Csquad please that sh!t is hilarious. Rihanna sales more t- shirts than this at one concert and Ciara album is worldwide.

      1. Aww. You’re jealous! Don’t worry. Ciara can always be a stripper. She has the moves down pat. 🙂

  1. I was really pulling for CiCi. But the promotion of this album was once again was terrible. I’m convinced someone close to Ciara is trying to sabotage her career. I feel sorry for her because she does have some talent but ma time to move on to a new hustle cause the music ain’t for you.

  2. I’m not surprised. Ciara’s fans have to step it up if they want her to win like they keep saying they do.

  3. I really hope she sells more than that. Just like Kelly, she either needs to get a new team or walk away completely.

    1. really, how many teams Kelly is going to get . I always said Matthew was not the problem. Matthew did not have anything to work with. It doesn’t matter what these people do they’re just going to be an average artist. who will be performing at casinos when they’re in their 40 and 50’s its not that people don’t like RNB ,but the people who buy music only buy rnb when its done by whites. Swap Justine album with Miguel and Justine would still sold a million and Miguel would still be struggling. change Adele color to black and her album would be lucky if it went gold. Miley’ and Seleena’s song was meant for rihanna,but if you gave those songs to ciara they would not be in the top 20 much less the top 10

  4. She was everywhere this time but the only hit she had was Body Party. She needs to go make more pop like music to sell more records.

  5. What people fail to understand music is only 50% of the game. like ability, aura , personality,star power and yes i said it color have makes up the other 50 %
    Look at this shyt. (Link Removed)

  6. Damn I was predicting at least 80-100K first week and i’m not a fan of hers. Oh well she still got international sales to go.

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