Kanye Throws Another Temper Tantrum, Attacks Paparazzi Again

Photo Credit: Mike Berry
Photo Credit: Mike Berry

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Kanye West isn’t having the best luck these days when it comes to his music career. Sure, he has a lot to be happy about considering he’s a new dad to daughter North West, however, his current album “Yeezus” has been beaten out on the charts and in sales by J. Cole’s “Born Sinner,” and very soon Jay-Z’s new album “Magna Carta Holy Grail.” While Kanye hasn’t publicly confirmed he’s a little salty with Jigga about his album taking thunder away from “Yeezus,” his own DJ took to Twitter to slam Jay-Z’s new music and praise “Yeezuz” as the better album between the two.

Kim Kardashian is still in hiding as it’s been rumored she’s still trying to figure out how to debut North West to the world, but Kanye has been out and about since the child’s birth. And the other day, he gave Lamar Odom a run for his money considering he lashed out once again on a nearby paparazzi.

According to TMZ, one of their own caught up with Kanye at the LAX airport, and it didn’t take too long for things to get ugly. Apparently the TMZ pap committed the “big no no” and attempted to talk to Kanye, something the rapper does not tolerate. TMZ reports:

Kanye — who calls himself Yeezus — had arrived to the airport, when our photog tried to tell the rapper how much he loves his music.

But before he could even finish his sentence, Kanye got right in our guy’s face … manhandled the camera — and started making demands like a Fascist dictator.

“Don’t talk … don’t talk to me … I don’t wan’t to hear paparazzi talk to me or anybody I know … and tell everybody never talk to anyone that anyone knows … don’t talk to themselves .. DON’T TALK EVER AGAIN.”

Our guy dared to open his mouth … and said how pumped he was for a possible sequel to the Jay-Z/Kanye album … and that’s when Kanye charged back at our photog and ripped at our camera.


Check out the video below:


  1. Celebrities get photographed by the paparazzi all the time it comes with the territory he been in the game too long and he got the biggest fame whore pregnant and he still stressing about paparazzi. When he acts like a damn fool the paparazzi are going to keep putting the camera in his face SMH.

  2. Kanye has really fallen off. He’s not likable any more and I’m glad I didn’t buy his crappy album.

  3. His arrogance is disgusting. He doesn’t want people to talk to him and take his pictures? Well then he picked the wrong career and woman to have his kid. #Idiot

  4. Yeah he’s lost his mind. If you’re famous you should know how to handle everything that comes with fame.

  5. The paparazzi needs to just never again take photos of Kanye and the Kardashian clan and let them fade away.

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