Do You Agree? Kanye’s Camp Defends Why He Keeps Attacking the Paparazzi

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Kanye West paparazzi attack defended by camp? Kanye West’s disdain for the paparazzi has been made clear in his numerous on stage rants and the several times he’s attacked them for simply talking to him. Not only has his beef with the paps landed him in the middle of legal troubles, but it’s also made even some of his own supporters quite annoyed with the rapper. Interestingly enough, Kanye’s hate for the paparazzi didn’t stop him from dating and impregnating the queen of the paparazzi, Kim Kardashian. And now that the couple has a daughter, the paps have become even more fixated on the two stars, in hopes to snap the first pictures of little North West.

As we recently reported, Kanye snapped on yet another paparazzi the other day at the LAX airport, and the incident went down because the pap kept talking to the TMZ pap even though he demanded he didn’t. After the website posted footage of Kanye going berserk and attempting to snatch the camera away, Kanye and the Kardashian camp decided to reach out to TMZ to defend his actions. And according to the Kimye camp, Kanye only snaps because he’s still angry about some of the questions the paps have asked him and Kim since they’ve been dating. TMZ reports:

Sources close to Kanye tell TMZ … after he started getting serious with Kim Kardashian, he felt a couple of paps would cross the line and ask him inappropriate questions about their relationship in public. We’re told he started to feel like certain paps were “heckling” him.

Things escalated in October 2012 during a trip to Miami … when a local photog — not a TMZ guy — asked Kanye and Kim if they would be inviting Kris Humphries and Reggie Bush to their wedding.

Kanye was pissed … and, rightfully so, felt the photog was just trying to antagonize him.

Things got worse a few months later, after Kim announced she was pregnant — when another pap started hammering K&K about whether they would invite Ray J to the baby shower.

That, we’re told, was the breaking point — and from that moment on, Kanye decided to impose his “DON’T EVER TALK” policy on anyone with a camera.


Now that you know why Kanye keeps snapping like a madman on the paparazzi, do you feel his behavior is justified?


  1. Not justified at all. Kanye seems to act like a child. He shouldn’t be throwing temper tantrums. If you hate the paps so much, then why did you go out your way to become a rapper and be with Kim? I think he does all of this for attention.

  2. This is such BS Kanye has chose to be Kim Kardashian so he can’t complain. This is what comes from dating Kim K moron. Kanye please stop complaining about the life you chose.

  3. LOL this is his excuse. Kanye is mental. He needs help and I’m convinced his over the top antics are hurting his career.

  4. So basically he’s mad his girl has f-cked so many men that the paps never run out of questions to ask?

    1. LOL, yep you said it! Those questions are BEYOND hilarious!!! These paps are low-key comedians!

  5. Whatever, Kanye whines about being too famous but no one held a gun to his head and forced him to become a rapper.

  6. This is ALL Kris Jenner because she had to spin it and make it all about Kim and how much he “loves” her. BS! Kanye was smashing cameras and cursing out paps before he even got with Kim. So what was the excuse then?

  7. Kanye and Kim can always ignore the questions and keep it moving. Why get worked up over a question that shouldn’t even bother you?

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