Kanye Attacks Yet Another Paparazzi, Paramedics Called to the Scene

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Kanye West sure does know how to stay in the headlines and it’s probably not bad thing considering he did just drop a new studio album recently. However, some say he’s not too happy “Yeezus” wasn’t the huge hit he thought it would be and it’s probably bittersweet for him to see his “bff” Jay Z dominate the charts and slay his first week album sales for “Magna Carta Holy Grail.” If that’s not difficult enough, his high-profile relationship with reality star Kim Kardashian seems to get more buzz than his new music, and people are more interested in seeing his daughter North West than buying his album. But if there’s anything he hates more than disappointing album sales, it would have to be the paparazzi. Kanye has a longstanding record of going off on the paps, but it looks like he may have managed to do the worst damage possible. The rapper just attacked another paparazzi at the LAX airport this afternoon and this time the paramedics were called to the scene. TMZ reports:

Kanye was on his way out of the airport when he was swarmed with paparazzi, snapping pictures. One photog was especially aggressive — not a TMZ photog — and probed Kanye with a bunch of questions.

Kanye told the man not to ask him questions, but he kept going — and Kanye attacked, attempting to wrestle the camera from the guy’s hands, and the man fell down. Kanye then immediately jumped into a waiting car and took off. Paramedics and police rushed to the scene.


Kanye wasted no time and fleeing the scene and left the pap on the ground as the ambulance was called. The Los Angeles Times just confirmed the police have launched a battery investigation.


kanye paps attack police


Check out the video below:


  1. Dumb a-s. He just said he knows they are talking to him for a reaction and then he gives them just than 5 seconds later.

  2. Kim needs to hope and pray he doesn’t beat up on her too one day. He has some serious issues and anger problems.

  3. The paps are going to talk to you. And a lot of the times they will say all kind of mess to get you to act a fool. Kanye just keeps right on falling for the trap.

  4. Something is wrong with this man and this proves it. Who does Kanye think he is that he can’t be spoken to. I don’t know if it has anything to do w/Kim but it’s something wrong with him that even someone speaking to him makes him want to attack them. All these temper tantrums are making him a clear target for the paparazzi. SMH

  5. He’s only popping off because he knows the pap won’t fight back. Someone needs to punch this idiot in the face.

  6. They will never stop talking to him. And that’s because they love when he goes off. It makes for a great headline. Why doesn’t he understand this?

  7. Somebody needs to press charges and put him behind bars for at least a year. He is out of control.

  8. Anyone else notice how hard he was swinging those arms while he was sashaying through the airport? *snaps fingers*

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