Secret Audio of Kanye Ranting About Mom’s Death, Racism & Taylor Swift Released

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Kanye West is making headlines again and this time it’s actually for a rant he did years ago regarding the 2009 MTV Video Awards. As you probably know, the 2009 awards is when the notorious Taylor Swift incident went down and Kanye made it clear recently he still doesn’t regret doing it despite apologizing. Gawker managed to get its hands on audio of the rant which took place while he was at dinner with friends (would real friends honestly record your private conversations though?).  The website says they haven’t gotten a confirmation yet that the voice is actually Kanye’s, but it sounds like him and the several references he made about the passing of his mother makes most people think it is definitely Kanye. In fact, the rant touches on the death of his mom, why he’s not ashamed to stick up for Beyonce, racism, and he even takes some shots at singer Pink by suggesting she shouldn’t have been able to perform instead of him because the song she performed wasn’t a hit. Regardless, here’s the full transcript courtesy of Gawker:

I’d rather just let the [inaudible] speak for itself. You know, it’s like, I was happy to be in a situation where people couldn’t say, oh, I was trying to promote my own song. For the times that I’ve, like, defended myself… [Tape break] I’m pushing the envelope! I wrote my f*ckin’ ‘Run This Town’ verse for a f*ckin’ month! When I heard Eminem’s verse on the Drake sh*t, I went back and rewrote my sh*t for two days. I canceled appointments to rewrite! I f*ckin’ care! You know what I’m saying? And that’s what I’m saying. Because I did that, Taylor Swift cannot win over Beyoncé! Because I wrote my verse in two days, Taylor Swift cannot beat Beyoncé. As long as I’m alive! And if I’m alive, kill me then! Kill me then! As long as I’m alive, you gon’ have to deal with it. ‘Cause there ain’t gonna be no more motherf*cking Elvises with no James Browns.

[A female voice asks, “Why are you so angry? What’s the anger?”] Because my mother got arrested for the f*ckin’ sit-ins. My mother died for this fame sh*t! I moved to f*ckin’ Hollywood chasing this sh*t. My mother died because of this sh*t. F*ck MTV.

It ain’t no love. What the f*ck was Pink performing? Don’t nobody know that song. Pink performed twice! Two songs? How the f*ck Pink perform two songs and I didn’t even get asked to perform “Heartless.” “Heartless” is the biggest song of the year! It had the most spins of the first quarter! I don’t know that Pink song! But I noticed that she’s pink! They put me in a f*ckin’ room and [inaudible – maybe “projected it”].

[A male voice asks, “How the f*ck did Eminem get the Best Hip-Hop song in 2008?”] Eminem won Best Video! Rap Video! Yo, when he wont that sh*t, I was so happy. I was so happy I [unclear – “ran all this sh*t,” maybe]. I said, “N*gga, I’m gon’ do this until y’all put a bullet in my head. I’m runnin’ up to y’all, put a…” [tape cuts].


Listen to the audio below before it gets snatched off YouTube:


  1. Wow what kind of friends record something like this without even telling you? That’s shady as hell.

  2. Kanye is stupid. If he hates Hollywood so much, retire already. It’s not like his music is worth anything nowadays anyway.

  3. This was when Kanye still had passion about music and his own people. Now he hangs with the Kardashians and impregnated one of the biggest fame whores of all time. Of all time!

  4. You can hear the hurt he still has about his mom dying. I really think that’s what it all comes down to. He still isn’t over her death and probably never will be unless he gets some kind of counseling.

  5. “‘Cause there ain’t gonna be no more motherf*cking Elvises with no James Browns.” —- Man I miss the old Kanye!!!!

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