Dwyane Wade’s Ex Wife Has Epic Meltdown on Chicago Streets, D Wade Responds

Photo Credit: YouTube
Photo Credit: YouTube

By: Taren Vaughan

The Dwyane Wade custody drama has escalated as his ex-wife Siohvaughn Wade has taken things to another level. Although D-Wade has found himself a new love in Actress Gabrielle Union, the drama between the NBA star and his former wife has continued to surround him. Siohvaughn recently filed a lawsuit against Dwyane for $1 million and dropped it within days. After she decided to drop the lawsuit, it was assumed things had simmered back down. That doesn’t seem to be the case as Siohvaughn was captured on video posted up on a street corner with some of her supporters in Downtown Chicago holding up a sign that read “NBA Miami Heat Star Mother of His Children on the Streets” and held back nothing when it came to her feelings about the custody battle she and Dwyane have had. In the video clip, Siohvaughn speaks on the injustices she supposedly experienced in her child custody battle with Dwyane. And she also claims Dwyane always finds ways to interrupt her time with their two sons for extra-curricular activities.

In the video, Siohvaughn says:

“The document says I’m entitled to visit with my children. But when I got all the way to Florida, Mr. Wade let me know he was gonna have Zaire at some basketball tournament. He put him on a team. And the time his games take place, coincidentally are during my parenting time. Now oops, look at that. Right during my parenting time, the child has to be at a game. So I said ‘Well, we have two choices.’ The child can either develop a relationship with Spalding and that little round ball or he can develop a relationship with his mother, because we see how Mr. Wade turned out without his mother in his life. Look at what he’s doing to the mother of his children. When the children came to Chicago, he said ‘I’m having somebody pick up the children during your parenting time for 8 or 9 hours because I want them to play basketball.’ I get to do what I want to do with my children during parenting time…I have a mother who hadn’t seen her grandchildren in years…Please, I’m entitled to this. The parenting coordinator Howard Rosenberg, he told me ‘Ms. Wade, if you do not allow Zaire to go to that basketball game, I’m gonna go ask the judge that you never see your children again.'”

Jocks and Stilleto Jill says they got a phone call from Siohvaughn Wade the other day and she claimed that the judge in her case was trying to send her to jail and said she didn’t have a lawyer.

So what does Dwyane Wade have to say about all of this?

Well the pro baller went right to his Instagram account to let his ex-wife know he is not moved by her antics as he posted the following photo with the caption:

“#REALLY #whatyoutalkingaboutwillis #aintnobodygottimeforthat”

dwyane wade custody siohvaughn wade

Something tells us this won’t end well.

Peep the clip below of Siohvaughn Wade’s “sit-in” in Downtown Chicago:


  1. The hell? She’s not smart. All she’s proving is those kids are exactly where they need to be…with D Wade.

  2. I get that D Wade and Gabby are dirty as hell but she’s only giving them more power. She doesn’t look like a woman who’s been wronged here, she instead looks scorned and mentally ill. The best revenge is happiness. I wish she understood that by refusing to move on she’s only showing D Wade he’s won the war.

  3. Something is wrong w/Siohvaughn I personally think she is having mental breakdown but I will say I feel like a piece of the story is missing.

  4. I feel for this woman…but sitting out on the street w/signs is not helping. It seems like she is at the end of her rope.

  5. If you listen to what she is saying…this is not about a man. Nor is what she saying crazy or the words of a crazy woman!! How would you feel if the father of your child was wealthy and you weren’t, and he could pay to have your kids snatched from you!!!? She is saying that he is denying her visitation of her kids and is using his money to have influence over the judge… which sounds about right with the judicial system!!! There is a disturbing trend going on of judges in celebrity cases taking kids away from their mother’s..$$$!!! Usher, D Wade, Deion Sanders as of recent. Every child deserves both parents. Something has to be done about the way these judges can be brought…..

    1. Honestly, your point holds no weight in any court. No judge is going to want to hand kids back over to any woman pulling this kind of stunt on the streets. She looks mentally unstable and once again she’s helping D Wade win. She’s not smart and I don’t support this kind of stupidity. She will never get the kids back. Tameka Raymond is way smarter than this chick, so the comparisons make no sense. In fact, that’s why Tameka’s judge was investigated and Usher has to go back to court. She’s smart, Sio is not. You fight it out in court, not on the streets. Learn the laws, and make them work for you.

      And this is about a man. Notice she only pulls these kinds of stunts after D Wade and Gabby are on TV looking happy. One day after he called Gabby his black queen at the BET Awards she filed the one mil dollar lawsuit against him and the day after they were all cute at the ESPY awards she’s doing this. But it’s not about a man, right? LOL. Whatever.

      1. Don’t waste your time explaining common sense. They will ride for this crazy chick to the wheels fall off because they are just as bitter as she is.

    2. So…you think she’s going to get justice this way? LOL. Yall Sio supporters have a lot to learn about life and the court system. Smh.

      And stop it with the scorned woman BS. She needs to move on period. She lost in court because she does stupid BS just like this. She’s crazy and I don’t care what anyone says. You only side with her because you are still holding on to some hurt some man put you through yourselves. Let it go! It’s not cute and is not productive.

      Thanks for making Gabby look great Sio!

    3. So which one of you helped her make the sign…is that one of you in the video egging her on? “Yeah girl, be mad! He did you wrong girl! Stand on that street girl and put it out there! Yeah, THIS is how you will get your money and the kids back!” LOL!!!!!

      It’s always a handful of females willing to encourage their friend to make a stupid decision she ends up paying for later. You all seem to be the type cosigning this mess. Smh.

    4. “How would you feel if the father of your child was wealthy and you weren’t” —>>> I’m sorry, I usually lurk, but are you serious?! She was given millions when they did split up. She wasted it and now she wants more. They aren’t married anymore and he owes her nothing else except time with the kids.

      Lastly, she needs to get a job and obtain her own wealth. Just because you marry a NBA player doesn’t mean he is obligated to take care of you for the rest of your life after the marriage ends. Put on your big girl panties and take care of yourself. There’s plenty of women doing just that. No more sympathy here.

      And the kids were not stolen from her. They were taken away because she acts like a nut job and no judge wants those kids in her care. Can’t blame them either.

    5. a) I don’t have kids..so would i be bitter? #FAIL
      b) where is the humanity in people in the world today? I am bitter because i feel for a woman who wants to see her kids? interesting!! This is a messed up world boy! Hopefully…i am not showing more compassion on here than another woman with kids….(now that would be sad) But GOD!!
      c) everyone is entitled to fairness in the justice system & the legal system is about $$ (which was my point)…How can he have even gotten full custody always on the road? This is what was best for the kids?….

      1. Also, i hope y’all know how incredibly foolish you sound when you say “go gabby” like she won some prize & he is doing her the same thing he did his wife!! I don’t care how “good they look on TV” respect me when the cameras are not rolling…SMH

        1. And you sound foolish for supporting a nut job. And yes, go Gabby because unlike Sio she’s actually out here making her own money and she’s not on the street corners looking for attention. She’s clearly the smarter woman here. LOL!

          But you keep hope alive girl!

          1. Go Gabby? Girl, please we don’t worship that hating homewrecker on here. She makes Sio look like a saint. Did you see how she hated on her own “friend” Kerry Washington. And that’s who you’re praising? LOL.

      2. Uh you don’t have to have kids to be bitter and by your refusal to use any logic regarding this situation, I can see why you support Sio. Peace!

        1. Nor have i been married and been left by a husband or have any relation to this that would make me bitter in this situation since u need it broken down for you. Why the hostility?..each is entitled to their own opinion. It’s not that deep for me..calm down!! None of these folks pay my bills. I simply feel for her as a mother. You dont have to okay? God bless

  6. This is really sad. I really wish Sio and D Wade could just squash this and do what’s right for the kids. If he owes her money, he needs to pay up. Every month it’s something. Those poor kids.

  7. I believe her. I just think she’s to the point now where she doesn’t know what else to do. That will make you do desperate things. I’m praying for her.

    1. She wants her kids, that’s the worst pain any women could go thru even worse than childbirth, keep ya head up sio God does not like ugly! He may be rich but he is a Very Small Man angry

  8. D Wade is not a real man. T.I. and Lil Wayne has all those baby mama and kids and you never see this kind of mess. He needs to do what’s right!

  9. I don’t understand how a man could take kids from their mother and act like it is nothing wrong with it. The only reason so many people are saying it is ok is because he is a athlete and the judge most likely is a fan of his. People can say what they want but this is the same woman that was with him before he became the big super star basketball player. And the same person who gave him somewhere to live when he had nothing. Oh we forget where we come from when we get where we are going…smh. One thing about it what goes up must come down which means the same people you saw going up will be the same people you see when you come down. The wrong the D.Wade is doing will all come back on him. She was good enough to have your children but she is not good enough to take care of them and she has been doing that since they have been on this earth while you are playing basketball and with groupies. It’s only some long that you can buy a child before they realize that they need their mother.

    1. I totally feel you. And believe me, most of the people on here are not D Wade fans. We (most of us) feel what he did was wrong. But we are thrown off by this action here…it does truly make Sio look mentally unstable. I seriously hope it all works out for her and she can get justice if she was done dirty.

      1. She need to be heard things like this happens so much, she is begging for help and I totally understand

    2. This right here is what I’m talking about. Men get their kids taken from them EVERY DAY! Like it’s the norm… I’m not the biggest D Wade fan because I think he’s a bit of an attention whore at times… but c’mon… you cannot throw that out there and just expect for it to slide on by.

  10. Wow….she didn’t think….maybe I’ll just go to the game…see my son play ball and then he can come with me after the game is done….Naw…She went and got a sign….Lord touch right now….

  11. Sorry…I believe her. I have children and I’m not bitter or angry but my children are with me. But I can’t say what I would or would not do if someone not only took my children but interfered with the times that I spent with them. Only they know the truth but she doesn’t sound crazy at all she sounds desperate…and I can’t say that I can fault her for that!

    1. I Feel sorry for her…Dwayne Wade his day will soon come..and he’s not going to like it…only thing she have to do get to the Lord and Keep Praying everyday… and her Blessing will come. Crazy and Looney not good choice of words because it could happen to you…My grandmother always said you know where been…but you dnt know where you going to end up in life… This situation not funny it’s said…I’m praying for the young lady

      1. I agree with both of you ladies because he is wrong and he doesn’t even see that what he is doing is wrong. I wish he could go back to when he was a child and the time away from his mother and see what he is doing.

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