R&B Singer Lil Mo Criticizes Stevie Wonder for Boycotting Florida

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Just days after the jury decided to find George Zimmerman not guilty of the murder of slain unarmed black teenager Trayvon Martin, it became very clear to the African-American community there was more fighting to do. Since the verdict, many celebrities have found ways to stand up for justice and besides attending rallies and backing Trayvon’s family, some are even stepping up and boycotting the state of Florida, just one of several states that supports the infamous “Stand Your Ground” law. Most notably, music legend Stevie Wonder has announced he will no longer perform in Florida or any other state that supports the law. While many stand behind Stevie and have expressed their fondness of his decision, it appears R&B singer and “R&B Divas LA” star Lil Mo is not feeling it. In fact, she even took to her Twitter account to criticize Stevie for his choice. She tweets:

I’ll just say it sh*t

Ever since the verdict, a certain artist is boycotting the state of florida. The fans don’t deserve to be deserted. So iAsk….

If the coin was right, would HIS staff accept or deny the gig? And if so how would he know? They could say it’s sumpter, sc or nah?

RT @Seltzar: their effort to make a scene and create buzz by boycotting is going to hurt them more than performing in Florida

RT @MrsRedrick: @SmoothSax @THELILMOSHOW my opinion- the verdict was NOT right. However, boycotting FL isn’t going to change or fix it

TBH some artists have staff that dedicate their LIFE to that artist so when that artist expires the TEAM outta work. Think abt it b4 u buck

like I’ve said before my tweets are unapologetic. I’m merely stating don’t boycott. Do a benefit concert give the proceed to the family


After people began to call Lil Mo out about her tweets, she then decided that although she won’t refuse to perform in Florida, she will no longer vacation there. She posted the following message on her Twitter account:


lil mo florida

What are your thoughts? Do you agree with Lil Mo’s original tweets or was she out of line?


  1. Umm Lil’mo don’t go there you just got your name back hot in these streets you will get shut down before you even start your career again. Close your mouth boo before you fade back to oblivion.

  2. Ignorance. I like Mo but she needs to remember what boycotting did back in the day for black people.

  3. Why are black people acting like it’s wrong to stand up for Trayvon?! I’m shocked by how many of our own people are criticizing the measures some of us are taking to make a difference. Man, I have to say NOW I agree with what Miguel said. Black people really are the most judgmental people in the world!

    1. Queen, it’s not wrong to stand up for Trayvon, it’s just how you do it that counts. But a lot of the entertainers live in Florida. They own mansions in Florida. They pay property taxes in Florida. How can you boycott a state when you live in it and pay property taxes to it? Even Oprah lives in Florida. Remember, Florida is a haven for the very wealthy due to their asset protection laws. Remember the OJ trial? Nobody is giving up their mansions in Florida or their asset protection over Trayvon. Sorry, I haven’t heard the news about it yet. If that happens let me know. Many of the people on the boycott list live in Florida. They own mansions there. So why would they boycott a state where they live in and receive financial protection from creditors?

      1. Queen, you join the boycott, no matter where you live, because our babies are being shot at a tremendous rate. Isn’t that more important than some tax break? A fight for ones rights is never going to be easy. People sacrifice things in order for it to be successful. Some times they even sacrifice their lives, and you’re talking about a few dollars? Without sacrifice on somebody’s part thy wouldn’t even be making that money. It is now time to stand up like the people we once were and do whatever it takes to right this situation. Dollars or your children, you pick.

      2. First of all, who are you speaking of outside of Oprah that has a mansion there in Florida?! Besides, a business women like Oprah can buy 20 houses in other states and countries with the same tax protection shelters so that’s not an excuse at all. From the people who are boycotting on that list, which ones have houses that are hip hop artists and African Americans?! Everyone on that list is a well known entertainer and I don’t think they would’ve made such a statement without knowing the circumstances surrounding the case and whether or not it impedes on their personal property and/or livelihood and if they knew all the details, apparently they’re willing to take the sacrifice. I think you don’t give them credit enough for them to make their own informative and intelligent decisions and they’ve been in this business for some time now.

        Everything isn’t always about money. Perhaps you’ve never heard of the term “Self Sacrifice”. There were many entertainers including; Stevie Wonder who have done the marches in the 60’s with Dr. Martin Luther King and they didn’t worry then about their personal property or safety and they are still here. That’s the power and the beauty of true brotherhood and unity. We as African Americans today, need to take that lesson from history because some how, history is trying to repeat itself and we’re worried about personal property when are civil rights and freedoms could be stripped away from us?!!! That is the problem with people who think like you, your priorities are only on material things and not on what really truly matters in this world and that’s justice and freedom for all.

        To answer your question if there’s an easier way or another way?! No, there isn’t and it’s not going to get easier for any of us if we try to sweep this under the rug and pretend it never happened. If you had a better solution, you would’ve mentioned it, but you don’t. The problem with some people in this generation is that they want everything handed to them and they want a quick and easy solution. Well, racism has been around longer than you and I for over 450 years and surprisingly enough, it hasn’t gone away. It’s still in the hearts and minds of men and there is no microwave solution for it at all !!! You and I must take a stand and do the HARD work if we truly want change and equality! BTW, Oprah is not on the list!!!

    1. Lil Mo is fickle to make such comments about Stevie Wonder. Maybe she doesn’t realize his age and what he has experienced being an african american back in the 60’s. She needs to educate herself and stop acting like a ….well I will just say Some people will STAND UP for what they believe but for the right price I guess some people/artist will LAY DOWN for whatever…#comparethe2artistsbankaccountsandhits?smfh

  4. So what’s the difference between refusing to perform in Florida and refusing to vacation there? LOL, she’s not that bright.

  5. Is this the new thing now…to criticize black people willing to stand up for what’s right? Wow. Sad black folks have become so complacent in a country that doesn’t even care about their sons.

  6. What this simpleton and others like her don’t understand is money talks. Laws won’t be changed unless money goes short.

  7. What Stevie is doing is nothing new. Ray Charles refused to go to Georgia until they changed their laws as well. Stevie is a grown man, and if he doesn’t want to support Florida, then he doesn’t need too. I love his music anyways

  8. Umm, Lil Mo, many people do not even know who you are or what you do. This isn’t a good way to get your name back out there. Sometimes keeping your opinion to your self is the most beneficial.

  9. Here we go people…
    A so-so artist who has never made a difference in the world speaking out when she should be taking notes…
    She should shut her mouth and be still and understand that it was wonder who got MLK holiday on the books…

    1. Here here! Stevie’s not new to this…just true to this. He’s been on the front lines for a long time in the battle against inequality and I remember his relentless effort to make Dr. King’s bday a holiday & his relentless activism in ending apartheid in S. Africa. Mo really needs to fall back, which I’m sure she realizes now, hence the backpedaling. To her credit, I appreciate her changing her vacay plans and hope that others, celebrity and non, follow suit. Until the law is changed, no one needs to visit Florida unnecessarily.

  10. Sacrifices have to be made…sacrifices have been made for you or you would not be where you are now!

    You name “Lil” stands for something….We will stand with Stevie Wonder and other artists until a change comes.

    Grow up Lil Mo….and eat some humble pie!

  11. First off, it’s Sumter, SC. Secondly, it’s not always about money. If Stevie chooses not to perform there, then that’s his choice. Lil Mo is probably in dire need of the “coin” so she doesn’t understand this concept.

    1. EXACTLY, which is why a lot of celebrity artists won’t be jumping on the bandwagon, they need that “Dolla dolla bill ya’ll’!

  12. I understand what she’s trying to say about deserting their fans but she is wayyyyy out of line. While I have ONE of Lil Moose’s song one my iPod versus the MANY of Stevie’s, lol.

  13. I guess people don’t understand the boycotting is to cause the people of Florida to stand with us! This “hurting the people” and “deserting the fans” crap is killing me!!! Funny how much consideration is put into things like this when no one gave a damn about an innocent, unarmed kid losing his life. What are these people truly fighting for?! Smh.

  14. Lil Mo needs to sit down somewhere because clearly political strategy and activism are not her strong suits. Furthermore, since no one pointed it out…her edges in that picture are atrocious. She should boycott all lacefronts and weave and not just from July to August, but 4Ever like her song says.

  15. Lil’ Mo are you in desperate need of money and fame that you would become a “SELL OUT” to your own people?! Haven’t you ever stood for anything truly important in your life outside of the “Almighty Dollar”? This is a cause that is worthy of self sacrifice for your husband, two sons, two brothers and a brother in law that they won’t have to fear walking down the streets of the same state that you vacation. You’re doing yourself a real disservice in your career in your criticizing a black man for taking a stand for what is right and just to him and other people of color. Then you had the audacity to make light of it by saying he can be easily deceived by his staff because he’s blind. I guess you thought that was very amusing? You need to tread very lightly because at this time, your career is on a very slippery slope. Also, what is the difference in not vacationing there this summer and performing there in the fall? How are you truly making a difference? You really don’t understand the concept of self sacrifice. Do you really want fame that much that you would compromise your principles?! Do you really need the money that badly?! If you think that accepting this gig in Florida is somehow not going to hinder your career? You’re mistaken. People are going to remember what you’ve said in your tweets and it’s going to held against you. Somehow, you are setting yourself up to be the Nicci Gilbert of LA! That’s like setting yourself up for failure!!!

  16. Who the hell is this no talented, non singer that nobody has ever heard of? Lil Hoe needs to get a hit record first. You ain’t got no staff. You some wanna be Lil Hoe non singing a-s!

  17. I agree with Lil Mo. Maybe she should have said it in a more tasteful way. Stevie might as well boycott most of these 50 states where the law is corrupt and innocent ppl are slain daily. Trayvon isn’t the first nor the last. It is sad that it took for this case to be made public to get people’s attention. But let’s see months or years from now if Stevie or other artists standing for change will stick to their guns (pun intended). I hope that we can reform or abolish that stand your ground law.

    1. Stevie Wonder said exactly that, he would not perform in those states. Remember who he is; Stevie doesn’t have to perform at all if he doesn’t want to. He can always go abroad and sell out completely. Unlike Lil’ Mo who is a virtual “NOBODY” in the business, trying to become somebody. So if anyone is in jeopardy of loosing their career once again, it’s Lil’ Mo. Stevie Wonder is a solidified musical genius and if you’re not familiar with him, you need to do your research. Because it’s kind of insulting to put him in any category with a unknown reinventing herself artist. Steveland Morris has sold multi-millions and can rest on those for the rest of his life. He doesn’t need to reinvent himself.

      1. Thank you Calvin! Its people like these that make the fight harder! Just like many of the people said, these people does not know their history or value to just think its ok for this to continue happening. Yes Trayvon may not be the first or last…but this is the point to start making changes. Florida will not do anything until it hits their pockets. They care about their pockets more than black people. I have a son and I do not want this kind of behavior to continue. If you dont stand for something, you will fall for anything!!!

  18. All man I love lil mo music& I know it’s her opinion but this is my whole point for the ppl that have something bad to say about ppl that stand for something!!! Nobody cares until it happens to there family… That’s right stevie& the others that is standing up for what they believe.we have to protect our children we can’t put them thru the stuff our great great grandmothers& fathers.. God let us borrow his babies it’s our job to protect them.. Mo don’t fall victim to believing WE CAN’T MAKE A DIFFERENCE AS A WHOLE white/black& others…I respect you opinion but disagree BIG TIME…god bless!

  19. So, she won’t SPEND money in Florida, but she will happily make money in Florida and stimulate their economy. A woman with a husband, sons, nephews etc. should have higher morals. And please, she is not fit to shine Stevie’s shoes. And, making a joke about his disability shows what a low class, low down woman she is. The only reason that she will make any money in Florida is because REAL artists won’t perform there and Florida is desperate. I am boycotting Florida. And, I will happily boycott her sell out a-s too.

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