Shay Johnson Says Erica Dixon is Lil Scrappy’s Doormat

Photo Credit: VLADTV/YouTube
Photo Credit: VLADTV/YouTube

By: Taren Vaughan

Shay Johnson talks about Erica Dixon in recent interview and calls Erica Lil Scrappy’s doormat? Much like Mimi Faust and Joseline Hernandez, Shay Johnson and Erica Dixon probably won’t be burying the hatchet anytime soon. Although Erica and Lil Scrappy looked to be moving forward with their relationship, the two didn’t make it past the engagement stage, thanks to interference from Momma Dee, who would rather see Scrappy marry anyone other than Erica, preferably Shay Johnson. And it looked as though Momma Dee was on the verge of getting her way as whispers were suggesting Scrappy and Shay were romantically involved with each other again. Despite both Shay and Scrappy denying they were back together, Erica still thinks Shay is desperate and nothing but Momma Dee and Scrappy’s family pet. Well the feeling is mutual as Shay did an interview with VLADTV and addressed Erica pawning the engagement ring Scrappy gave her. And she says Erica is nothing but Lil Scrappy’s doormat.

On Erica pawning the engagement ring and Momma Dee’s reaction to it, Shay says:

“She [Momma Dee] couldn’t wait for her [Erica] to pass that ring over there like ‘Pass it b*tch.’ She couldn’t wait. Yeah, because Scrappy was in jail every bit of 48 hours so that was kinda weird to go to the pawn shop that fast but I don’t know. I think it had a lot to do with Momma Dee [laughs]…I think she [Erica] should’ve just gave it back to him [Lil Scrappy] ’cause it was his ring and you never know ’cause she did leave the door open to go back to get that ring at the end of the day. So you never know what’s going to happen…She can go back and get it. Yeah, so keep that in mind though.”

Shay also talked about Erica being so pressed to take the engagement ring to the pawn shop and she thinks a lot of it had to with Erica being upset over the photos of her and Scrappy together that were floating around the Internet. And although a lot people view Shay as a desperate side piece, she says Erica is the one who is Lil Scrappy’s doormat:

“It’s like you didn’t even give him a chance to even take his clothes off in jail and change into the orange jump suit. She just went straight to the pawn shop ‘Here you go. Give me the money. Give it to me now.’ I think some of that also had to do with the fact that Scrappy and I was at an event together in Atlanta, Georgia called “Project 13″ and the pictures ended up on MediaTakeOut and everywhere. I think that was the first of the pictures of he and I being seen together and she was there. And she didn’t like the fact that he was there with me and seen those pictures and went ballistic and was boo hoo crying, doing all this extra nonsense. And it’s like ‘Girl bye.’ This man done cheated, stomped, she’s like his doormat. That [Erica] is Scrappy’s doormat. He can stomp all over this dummy and she gone still stick her stupid a*s right there. It’s a difference between a Ride or Die and a doormat. She’s the doormat. Get it.”

Peep the clip of Shay Johnson’s interview below:


    1. thirsty!!!!!!!!!!! mad!!!!!!!!! jealous!!!!!!!!!!!! want to suck up all that muddy water off his boots!!!!!!!!! stop shay just stop!!!! y are u so mad sweetie grow up u not as bad as u think u are;))

  1. Again, I don’t know why Erica has fans. She’s a nasty b-tch and she is the real life symbol for loud and angry black women. Can’t stand her.

  2. Girl if you don’t shut your sideline azz up. Why does that monica song sideline ho pop up in my head when I see anything about Shay.

  3. Why is this chick always talking about Erica? Like has their been one interview where she didn’t talk about Erica? Notice, Erica has not said anything as of late since this trick has been doing interviews about her. Shay: you may not be a bad person, but no all whores are bad people. .. PS . She need to gone on head back to PBS because Arthur misses his sister and bff D.W and Francine. Looking like a damn armadillo

  4. why are YALL ladies commenting in denial over ERICA BEING A DOORMAT? Sounds like it’s hitting close to home for some of yall ladies!

  5. Be serious Erica’s not Srappy’s door mat we have all played the fool in LOVE Shay Johnson was Scrapp’ys door mat. Who’s he constantly calling to be by he side good and bad ??? Grow up Love is not about just the good times it’s about the bad times too!!

  6. Shay is definately jealous of Erica. In every interview she is bashing and talking foul about Erica. She’s only popular for being the side chick. She can enjoy the fame now but come later on no one will remember her. She is so sad to watch. Go get a real job. Find your own man. And try to worry about yourself rather than other people cause baby girl you looking hella thirsty.

  7. You are no ride or die chick,your just Mamma Dee’s pet,listening to her f-cked up advice! You need to go back to charm school and take more lessons,and end this silly feud between you and Erica!

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