Tyrese Shades Ginuwine on Twitter for Allegedly Performing High on TV?

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Tyrese may keep the movie roles coming, but his love for music keeps him dedicated to still cranking out good old school R&B music. Although he’s had success as a solo artist, he has now joined forces with peers Ginuwine and Tank to form R&B group “TGT.” The group made a recent appearance on WLNY’s morning news show “The Couch,” but the performance is causing quite a bit of controversy. While many are happy to see Ginuwine back on the stage, there’s also a lot of people calling him out because his performance was so awkward it has folks thinking he may be back on drugs. In fact, people flooded the comment sections on YouTube to suggest Ginuwine was allegedly high during his performance. Here are some of the comments:

Ginuwine was seriously high on something

lol ginuwine’s faces though . tyrese was looking at him like n*gga wtf is wrong with you

Tank sounded good, but Ginuwine my dude, on that Molly or something. What a shame.

Man whatever Ginuwine smoking, Ima need some of that

What did Genuine have before this performance?

Ginuwine look like battling several demons live on stage


Tyrese and Tank played it cool through the rather interesting performance from Ginuwine and to be fair he did nail his solo part. But Tyrese’s latest tweets are being perceived by some as shade at Ginuwine. Tyrese tweets:

It’s already been revealed…. You ain’t sh*t… Now it’s on me to make the next move…..

Sometimes you gotta cut the grass in your life real low.. So that the SNAKES are revealed …

I make you uncomfortable cause I’m calling you on your sh*t and expecting to adjust… I’m addicted to being feet and producing RESULTS!

If you don’t believe no one else will…. I’m a GIANT within… And to WIN you have to prepare to lose a few friends along the way..


While we’re not sure if these tweets really were directed to Ginuwine or if Ginuwine is even back on drugs again, we do hope everything works out for TGT. Especially since Tyrese just confirmed he’s not making solo albums anymore because the group is where he wants to be now.

Check out the performance below:


  1. My coworker showed this too me this earlier and I laughed so hard Ginuwine looked lost and Tank is just laughing in the back. They look like some old men trying to hard doing karaoke. I can’t stop laughing!!!!!!

  2. It’s a little funny!! But overall not bad it is what it is. Trust and Believe Ginuwine’s wife will
    put a boot up his tail bone for this one. Ginuwine will be straight when you see him again.

  3. I don’t know what was wrong with Ginuwine…he was funny, but the whole thing was a MESS!!! Yes a talent show is about right…

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