Jay Z Says He Couldn’t Sleep for Two Days over George Zimmerman Verdict

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Jay Z speaks about Trayvon Martin and why the verdict caused him not to be able to sleep for two days? Celebrities are usually labeled as being completely shallow people who only care about photo ops and making millions off of their fame. So when a celeb gets involved with politics or serious issues that plague the community, most usually write it off as a celeb doing whatever necessary to nab some headlines. But in the wake of George Zimmerman being found not guilty for the murder of Trayvon Martin, it appears many celebs such as Stevie Wonder are proving they can take an issue seriously, even if it means boycotting several states that support the Stand Your Ground law. Jay Z may not be taking the same route to get justice for Trayvon Martin as Stevie and Mary Mary just yet, however, in a recent interview the rapper and business man made it known that the verdict really did anger him. In fact, it angered him so much he couldn’t sleep for two days and his anger made him feel like he just had to go to the rally in New York to show some support to Trayvon’s family. He tells Elliot Wilson:

“I was really angry, I didn’t sleep for two days…I was really angry about it. We all knew there was still a bit of racism in America but for it to be so blantant…ask yourself the question: didn’t Travyon have a right to stand his ground? He was being chased, he fought back. He may have won. That doesn’t mean he’s a criminal. He won.

“If you chase me and you try to attack me and I defend myself, how can I be in the wrong? How is that right? This guy went to get some skittles and go back to watch the All Star game. He had plans, ‘I’m gonna get this Arizona, get these Skittles, I’m gonna go watch the game.’ He probably had his whole position and everything. He had no intentions of robbing anyone’s home. It’s a thing where it’s like a reminder of, ‘We still got a long way to go. It’s beautiful because this generation, they don’t see color in that way.”


In related news, new reports suggest Jay Z is in talks with major depart store brand Barneys. While it’s not clear what could be in the works, sources claim the possible business deal could be related to fashion.


    1. Agreed. He just said all the reasons he should be taking a stand. What was done to Trayvon was not right but things won’t change unless we join together and keep fighting for justice.

  1. As much as I love Jay, I think he should really join the boycott if he’s so passionate about this. Rallies are great, but money talks. Time to make the state of Florida lose some so they can see we’re not backing down.

  2. I’m glad to hear him say what we’ve all been saying. The trial made it so clear that they felt Trayvon didn’t have the same rights as Zimmerman. Ridiculous.

  3. I can’t help but look at the fake list of all the celebs boycotting Florida and wish it was true. Smh.

  4. Happy to hear how he feels and that it was so important to him. But now what? What does he plan to do about it?

    1. Honestly that’s what EVERYONE needs to be asking themselves. Not just the celebs. We can all make a difference collectively. I’m not giving any more tourism dollars to FL. But that’s just a start.

  5. If he really cares, he needs to join the movement. Donate money to the foundation, boycott Florida, and work with the politicians to repeal the law. He certainly has the money and the influence to do so.

  6. I too stayed awake thinking about the injustice that we watched when the verdict was read…how sad is it when there is clear evidence that Trayvon was stalked, hunted, and killed like an animal….Trayvon is not an animal he was a human being who had the right to walk upon this earth just as everyone else does, and we will never give up or give in…until we get Justice for Trayvon Martin.

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