Rasheeda Doesn’t Deny Faking Marriage Problems with Kirk for TV

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Rasheeda and Kirk fake their drama for TV and confirm doing so in an interview? Rasheeda and Kirk’s extreme marriage problems have been a focal point of season two of “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta,” however, the couple’s quick turn from season one bliss has many thinking they are completely faking their storyline. It’s nothing new considering most reality stars have faked their drama for the network cameras, and most networks are so desperate for ratings they even encourage it. Regardless, Wendy Williams recently called the couple out on her daytime talk show for allegedly faking their drama for VH1 ratings, and said she was completely disgusted they would allegedly stoop so low to stay on the controversial reality show. It’s no secret many suspected Kirk and Rasheeda would get fired after season one since most of the fans of the show felt they were not all that interesting, so the sudden interesting storyline is pretty suspicious.

In a recent chat with VH1, Rasheeda addressed Wendy’s allegations but she didn’t quite deny that she and Kirk are totally faking their drama to keep their spots on the show. The pregnant reality star says:

“Shout out to Wendy cause she hasn’t really talked about Love And Hip Hop Atlanta, so shout out to her for even talking about it. ‘Preciate ya!

“Wendy can say what she wanna say but she sitting there with her pork chop and her noodles watching Love And Hip Hop Atlanta on Monday nights at 8 o’clock, so I guess that’s all that really matter.”


That surely wasn’t a denial, now was it? In fact, some people took it as confirmation the couple’s drama this season is manufactured. Regardless, the ratings for “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta” have hit a record this season, so perhaps Rasheeda has a point.


  1. Hey, if they are willing to look stupid on TV to pay their bills and have no shame…why not? Me personally, I would value my marriage way too much to do that but to each its own.

  2. I’m so tried of these two. In a few years, they are going to regret they pulled this stunt. All money ain’t good money.

  3. Rasheeda & Kurt are such a joke. SN: I can totally see Wendell Willams eating pork chops and noodles at the same time.

  4. And Kenya Moore faked her relationship with Walter to get on TV. It’s just what they do these days. When reality TV goes away, they will have to live with that shame even when it stops paying the bills. They don’t seem to understand that.

  5. All this and for what? Rasheeda still won’t have a rap career? Nor will anything else besides a check come from being on this show. People are doing the most for these small TV checks.

  6. They are dumb as hell. Now everyone thinks Kirk is a dog. So are they going to be okay with that when they aren’t on the show anymore? Doubt it.

  7. Say what you want about K. Michelle but she’s the smartest person on this show. She’s the only person who took the show and turned it into something that will pay her way more than VH1…a record deal! Now she doesn’t have to do the show anymore. Meanwhile, Kirk and Rasheeda’s desperate behinds will do whatever they have to so Mona won’t give them the boot. Not smart.

  8. When you do reality TV, you’re supposed to treat it like a bridge to get somewhere better. Look at Kim K., NeNe and even K. Michelle. They did that. Only dummies look at reality TV like a career. It’s not. Just a vessel to get something much better. Smh.

  9. Well considering this is the most we’ve ever seen these two on the blogs and on the show…can’t say their little plan didn’t work. LOL.

  10. Kirk ugly a-s. Mary Jane going to be on Atlanta mistresses yet the host is Rasheeda best friend husband. Sad a-s excuses for people yet Rasheeda says thanks to God all the time. What a phony. Her music us still trash and so is she.

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